Without a doubt, preparing for the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is having a significant impact on organisations in terms of cost and effort.

At Experian, we believe the GDPR presents a positive opportunity to transform the way you organise and process your data; increasing the value you get from it and reinforcing customer-centric business practices that are essential in our data-driven age.

Based on a combination of our experience, services and software we can provide a solid foundation to launch your GDPR readiness.

To help you get started with your GDPR readiness, we have prepared a series of resources that will help educate you on the different aspects of the new regulations, how others are preparing - and how we are able to support you on each.

GDPR brochure

Getting ready for the GDPR brochure

Download our 'Getting ready for the GDPR' brochure now.

Download the brochure now

GDPR brochure

Defining the data powered future

An Experian guide to the GDPR.

Explore the guide

Download report

DataIQ Research: 2017 GDPR report

Download the 'DataIQ Research: 2017 GDPR' report.

Read the 2017 GDPR report

Experian's approach to GDPR

To help you prepare for the GDPR we have designed four packages that can be taken separately or collectively to help you manage elements required by the GDPR and thrive in our data-driven economy. We believe that once a solid data foundation has been laid for your organisation, it will help you manage other elements required by the GDPR including Subject Access Requests and Data Breach response.


Data Discovery

Sensitive data

Find and organise all the personal data that your organisation holds

Advanced discovery and data management technology delivered as a service in conjunction with our partners Waterline Data


Data Readiness

Data quality

Quickly assess your data quality to build a solid foundation for GDPR activities

Delivered as a bureau service by our data experts and powered by Experian’s data management technology and robust validation engines


Data Match

Responding to data subject requests

Respond appropriately to individual requests on the data held for each of your data subjects

Leveraging Experian’s unique matching and pinning capabilities delivered both as a service and on premise solution. It will enable you to identify, resolve and tag individual data subjects wherever their data resides or create an SCV


Data Breach

Preparing and managing for data breaches

Prepare, know and react to a potential data breach within your organisation

End-to-end data breach services and support from Experian

We know that meeting the requirements of the GDPR are challenging and so recommend taking a Data Readiness health check today.

By understanding the quality, accuracy and integrity of your data, you can begin to plan the related tasks.

"Only 24 percent of companies’ rate their level of readiness to comply with the GDPR as high. 59 percent say they do not understand what the company needs to do to comply with the GDPR."
- Ponemon Institute research report June 2017 Data Protection Risks & Regulations in the Global Economy


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