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AutoDoc-ID - Automated ID Document Authentication

Experian AutoDoc-ID product videoWith organisation experiencing more fraudulent applications from individuals using ID Documents, protect against fraud with automated data capture and document verification.

The customer journey is key to a profitable and loyal customer base. Experian’s AutoDoc-ID document verification service can help you to establish a risk based approach, balancing modern customer expectations with compliance and anti-fraud measures

The changing face of the ‘customer journey’

Your Customers’ expectations are changing immeasurably. An increasingly international customer base can be seen both in your ‘bricks and mortar’ premises and online. This, coupled with the expectation of 24/7 service availability and an ever growing web savvy population means that slow ID and anti-fraud checks that interrupt the customer journey will not be tolerated, leading to a loss of good customers to your competitors.

The customer journey (and increasingly, the customer’s digital journey), is key to a profitable and loyal customer base. At the same time, the risk of identity fraud is increasing, CIFAS saw a 65% increase in 2012, and is now one of the fastest growing forms of fraud and one of the easiest to perpetrate.* (CIFAS 2012)

AutoDoc-ID and the digital customer journey

AutoDoc-ID is a web based service for the validation of Passports, National ID Cards, Driving Licences and Residence/Working Visa images, and for the upload and scanning of proof of address documents. This is achieved through the use of automated OCR (Optical Character Recognition) and manual document expert checking, alleviating the need for in-house checking of identity documentation.

AutoDoc-ID is an automated document verification service that uses no specialist hardware. It enables customers to submit proof of identity documents either in person, or online by taking a picture of their document.

By allowing customers to submit photos of their documents taken on a smartphone or digital camera, the customer journey is not interrupted. There is no need to submit hard copies of the documents in the post or to go into a branch, reducing drop-off of customers during sign-up.

    AutoDoc-ID allows you to tailor the level of checking of customer documents depending on the perceived risk. AutoDoc-ID offers a tiered level of service depending on the risk associated with the customer transaction:

  • Document upload – upload any document image for audit purposes as part of your customer take-on process
  • Document OCR – remove the need to manually type in identity or address data and call additional ID verification products by automatically reading identity and proof of address data from documents such as utility bills, bank statements and car ownership papers.
  • Basic scan – A fast, high level check for driving licences and documents with a Machine Readable Zone (MRZ). The details on these documents are read and the MRZ is validated.
  • Full scan - Expert human review for extra confidence - All document experts are trained to level 3 border control standards meaning not only can they offer some of the best service possible for existing ID documents, they are also able to validate newer forms of ID through their knowledge of document security features.

Simply upload an image of the ID document to be checked, AutoDoc-ID’s Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology extracts and verifies all the key information contained in the document.

AutoDoc-ID can work with any image of 300dpi quality or above, meaning you can capture an image by office scanners or any camera with 2.5 mega pixels or above.

All documents that conform to the International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) standard can be automatically verified. And using the Optical Character Recognition technology means no more data entry as AutoDoc-ID scans and captures all the information you need.

If a more comprehensive verification is required for higher risk applications, the document can be referred to a team of document experts, trained to border standards for human expert review.

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