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Experian Interim Fraud Report 2014

We know fraudsters are flexible, fast, relentless and inventive. Staying ahead of them is now a critical challenge for all sectors of industry, business and commerce keen to safeguard their customers and cash flow alike.

The latest edition of our Interim Fraud Report offers vital insights into:

  • Recent first and third party fraud statistics
  • Robust analysis, showing where and how the criminals are currently operating
  • Financial products fraudsters currently target most
  • Mosaic analysis and mapping, showing demographic segments and regions most at-risk of fraud

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Our Data Sources

Our data sources extend across a wide range of consumer and business activities including banking, finance, retail, insurance, automotive, utilities, electoral roll, limited and non-limited company data and directorships. More recently, Experian has enhanced its PEPs, Sanctions and Enforcements data as part of our Identity Authentication services to offer an even more comprehensive service to support you in meeting the regulatory standards required by the FCA.


How can Experian help me?

Data coverage and accuracy

Identity Verification

Verify, validate, authenticate and confirm your customer’s identity in real-time to facilitate on-boarding process and prevent fraud.

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Trusted data sources

Fraud Prevention

Detect, monitor and assess the risk of fraud at every stage of your customer relationship, making sure you build trusted relationships with legitimate customers.

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Data range

Device Recognition

Optimise customer on-boarding and fraud prevention through device recognition and accurately identify every device, every time.

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Experian Identity and Fraud

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