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A revolutionary new concept in online poker, combines the latest innovations in 3D video gaming with online poker to create a rich and deeply involving user experience.

The concept has proven immensely popular with over 500,000 users from over 200 countries signing up to the site since its launch in August 2006.

The Problem

  • Preventing underage gambling is a very high priority for Both in terms of meeting its licensing commitments with Alderney Gambling Control Commission (one of the strictest online gaming jurisdictions in the world) and living up to’s own commitment to offering a socially responsible product.
  • As with most start-up companies, had to address both the concerns of corporate revenue protection and excellent customer service in a competitive marketplace.
  • Naturally, this presented a challenge for PKR: making the registration process as seamless as possible for legitimate customers, while keeping robust measures in place to prevent underage gambling.

The Solution

At launch in 2006 PKR’s experienced founders knew that, while customer acquisition was key, it was equally important that all customer enrolments were legitimate. They chose to use Experian from the start.

Working with Experian's pre-launch helped to ensure complied with social responsibility guidelines right out of the gate. The company was adamant about adhering to responsible gambling best practice and took strong measures to ensure safe and responsible online gaming.

In order to do this, it chose Player-ID to provide a comprehensive age and identity verification solution tailored specifically for the gaming industry.

With Experian is able to check names, addresses and dates of birth against datasets and shared databases with banks and building societies. The checks happen in real-time – but in the background, so a prospective customer never knows they’re taking place – a key feature for a growing start-up. Players may have been less likely to sign up with if they felt they were being ‘checked up on’, so it was critical that identity verification was invisible to customers.

"We chose Experian as it was the most effective for screening underage gamblers. The breadth and depth of its datasets meant it was especially helpful for verifying our European customers as we continue to grow our numbers."
Head of Transaction Services, PKR

The Benefits

Experian allows to perform multiple checks behind the scenes without preventing its customers from enjoying the site. This lets the company continue to grow, and ensures it’s staying clear of fraudulent or underage customers.

Since its launch, the site has grown exponentially, and with this growth, greater attention is being given to deterring fraud. By default, an age check is also an identity check, ensuring that customers are not only of legal age, but that they are who they say they are. Fraudulent bets can cost the business dearly, so accurately identifying potential customers is of ever-increasing importance.

"We researched other options, but we found 192business  to be most suitable for our needs given the reliability, accuracy, and quality of service we receive. In fact, 192business is the only third party service we use. With such robust checks in place we feel we’re doing the utmost to ensure responsible gambling on our site."

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