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Why Channel shift?

Channel Shift is the drive to deliver services through the most appropriate, efficient and cost-effective means. Delivering citizen services across a range of channels offers real savings in cost and efficiency. For example it is estimated that a face to face transaction costs local government approximately £8.00, the same interaction by telephone around £3.00 and via web visit just £0.30.

There will always be instances where face to face is the preferred and necessary mode of operation, however many citizens are used to the 24/7 culture offered by call centres and the internet and embrace the flexibility this offers.

In many instances the barrier to completing transactions online or over the telephone occurs when identity needs to be established or payments taken or given.

Examples include:

  • Establishing citizens identity in real-time and online
    Proving eligibility for services such as parking permits by establishing a citizen’s residency in the appropriate area.
  • Enabling the set up of paperless direct debits by proving the link between the citizen and their bank account.
  • Determining key factor such as age for schemes such as concessionary travel.

How Experian can help

Experian’s industry-leading solutions enable you to take advantage of the most cost-effective and appropriate channels, delivering a host of benefits including:

  • Lower cost of service delivery with immediate return on investment.
  • Confidence in your citizens’ identities and eligibility for services.
  • Flexibility through the delivery of the same, easy to integrate solution across all channels.
  • Consistent decisioning with a critical audit trail and accurate record keeping.
  • Protect the public purse and safeguard cash flow.
  • Round-the-clock access and instant decision-making for better service delivery.
  • Creation of safe and secure ‘virtual’ identities for your citizens.
  • Reduced exposure to risk and better fraud detection.
  • Auddis compliant direct debit set up, no need for signed direct debit mandates.

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