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Our Identity Authentication service meets all Route 2 CRB Checking requirements.

You do not need to have any in-depth knowledge of what a ‘Level 2’ check involves.

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From 28 May 2012, the DBS (Disclosure and Barring Service formerly known as the CRB)…

The DBS’s identity checking process is being strengthened to improve public protection and these measures represent a significant change for organisations looking to conduct CRB checks.  From the 1st September 2012, Route 2 checks will require an organisation to make an appropriate external ID validation of the applicant.  Further details on the whole process can be found here on the Home Office website.

Experian has been working with the public sector for many years and has relationships with a number of Government agencies and departments. We have been working with the DBS to ensure our ID validation fulfils the requirements of the Route 2 CRB checking guidelines.  We are one of the few providers in the market offering a solution which meets the CRB requirement of Level 2 providing an extra layer of confidence when verifying identity, and this means that you can be sure that a ‘pass’ really is a ‘pass’.

Why is it changing?

One of the reasons for introducing these changes is to make it more difficult for individuals to conceal previous criminal records by changing their name. These changes are part of an ongoing improvement process that will enable easier detection of undeclared changes of name in the future.

What is ID validation?

Experian’s Identity Authentication is an electronic personal identity validation solution that enables public sector organisations to authenticate an applicant’s identity in real-time, irrespective of the channel of interaction.

Already in use across central and local government, as well as the private sector, it provides a level of confidence in the authenticity of an individual’s identity by checking their details against a broad range of data sources held by Experian, the UK’s largest credit bureau.

It is a secure system which meets all governing legislation, regulatory control and e-GU (E-Government Unit) guidelines. The process is non-intrusive and is transparent to the citizen as it is based on corroborating biographic details given at the point of registration or application. Details used are those supplied in the ordinary course of applying for a government or public service and, once input, are not shared with other users of the system.

Experian’s electronic approach tests for validity and verification by corroborating the identity and biographic details captured as part of an application for public services, against a range of high quality databases. These databases contain biographic footprints established for 45 million UK citizens and hold in excess of 1 billion records.

The data retrieved for each citizen is measured in three dimensions – breadth, depth and quality – to determine the degree of confidence associated with the identity being genuine and then provides a PASS or FAIL result.

The validation process

The user simply inputs the details supplied by the citizen into the online solution or, if a batch service is preferred, into a file for despatch to Experian.

Once received by Experian, the citizen’s details are validated and then processed to deliver a set of results tailored to the organisation’s requirements. The decision generated reflects whether or not an individual has been validated to the organisation’s required minimum level, along with a range of supporting information.


What do I need for Route 2 CRB checking?

You require an ID validation check which:

  • Complies with the standards set out in Level 2 (remote) of ‘HMG's Minimum Requirements for the Verification of the Identity of Individuals/Version 2.0/January 2003’. Find out more information HERE >>
  • Provides a straightforward PASS/FAIL result
  • Provides a hard copy or printable result page

Our Identity Authentication service meets all of these requirements. You do not need to have any in-depth knowledge of what a ‘Level 2’ check involves.

The CRB (Criminal Records Bureau) changed its name to DBS (Disclosure and Barring Service) in December of last year.

Read more about the changing regulations HERE

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