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the provision of “Route 2” electronic
identity checking services

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We are already a trusted provider of electronic identity services across public sector and our flagship product - Authenticate - is built on HMG guidelines, and can meet the CRB requirement of Level 2.

Authenticate leverages the largest third party data bureau in the UK, and as such will generate the highest level of legitimate ‘pass’ results, whilst remaining cost effective.

Experian is not able to provide uncontrolled access to the Authenticate product, so we are currently working with partners to make the Authenticate service available to all UK Registered Bodies and eligible UK employers in the most cost-effective way possible.

The CRB (Criminal Records Bureau) changed its name to DBS (Disclosure and Barring Service) in December of last year. 



Our Verifide service enables Registered Bodies to carry out Route Two ID checks instantly. The benefits of our service include:

- Online account
- Competitve rates - from just £3.50 per check (ex VAT)
- Immediate access
- Instant results
- Integration to your own system

As the largest provider of online checks in the country we offer the level of experience and capability you would come to expect.

Call us now on 08718 724126 or register for a call back to learn how this service can work for your organisation, for more information visit

At ComplianceAssist we provide our CRB External ID Validation service to a wide range of organisations from the charity and voluntary sector, schools, local government and more.

We work to understand the challenges you face and with no set-up fees aim to make our service accessible no matter what the size of your organisation.

To ensure you are never left wondering what to do next we provide full support, so should you have any issues or queries you can contact our team via telephone, email or on-line and they will be happy to provide assistance.

For more information please visit our website or call 0800 0787421

DDC Ltd offers a quick, easy to use service for Registered Bodies to obtain the external ID validation checks required for the CRB’s “Route 2".

The fully compliant service is completely online, quick to set-up and returns a printable results page.

The system uses simple, user friendly interface which has been well proven in our Umbrella Body service.

DDC have a range of competitive packages available to suit all sizes of organisation with no registration fee and a minimum commitment of only 5 checks.

To sign up and get free registration please visit our website

 or call 0845 6443298.

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