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through intelligent questioning

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Identity protection through identity questioning

You want to make sure that customers are able to use your services but you need to fulfil your identity requirements to protect customers and operate responsibly. Our identity questioning service - Identity IQ offers a solution to support customers in confirming their identity using information that only they would know. This can remove the need for customers to provide documentation or use security tokens or passwords while protecting customers and your business from identity fraud including account takeover attempts.

Who's it for?

Identity IQ is ideal for organisations looking to provide customers with an additional way to confirm their identity that doesn’t require complex processes or manual checks.

Key features

How it works

Identity IQ presents randomly selected questions in a relevant and understandable way to the customer. These questions call on a range of current and historical data that only the individual would know the answer to. Flexible referral, scoring and risk prioritisation strategies allow you to focus on the most suspicious records first and protect customers from the highest risk of identity impersonation and account takeover.

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Learn how Identity IQ has improved customer service with 7% uplift in high-volume pass rates


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