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Identity authentication with Prove-ID

When you need an ID check for a customer, you want to give them the smoothest and safest experience possible. You need to balance this with meeting regulatory requirements such as anti-money laundering (AML) requirements. Prove-ID allows you to verify the identities of UK and international individuals in real-time, providing a fast and secure environment for you and your customers.

Who's it for?

Organisations that need to verify the identity of their UK and International customers. It is ideal for organisations that need an online service and can be integrated or accessed directly online.

Key features

How it works

Prove-ID compares the customer information entered with over 1 billion records held by Experian. A decision on the authenticity of the identity is provided in real-time with an easy to interpret traffic light system. Fast and confident decisions can then be made as to whether the transaction is genuine. Auditing facilities help you to demonstrate compliance to regulation.

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