Get multiple identity checks
all in a single channel

View the Identity Hub video

View the Identity Hub video

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All the identity checks you want, in a single channel, with a single, real-time result

Experian’s Identity Solutions allow you to choose what checks you need to perform and combine them in one single channel, reducing the time and cost of multiple authentication checks, and ensuring a single consistent result.

Selecting and combining the capabilities of Experian’s solutions including Authenticate, Bank Wizard Absolute, AVS CVV and our Passport and Driving License modules into a single check with one single consistent result enables you to:

  • Improve customer acquisition and experience by providing a fast accurate sign-up process
  • Choose what authentication you require based on your risk
  • Combine your identity checks in one single channel
  • Get a single consistent identity authentication result in real-time
  • Prevent identity fraud without affecting your sign-up

Experian has recently published a brochure providing more information. To download a copy of the document or to contact an Experian expert, please complete your details below:

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