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Optimising the value of your social housing stock by supporting
eligible allocation and tackling fraud and error.

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The 2011 National Fraud Indicator estimates that housing tenancy fraud costs local authorities in the UK £900m each year.

While the majority of tenancies are legitimate, misuse is increasingly in the public spotlight, this is raising widespread concern about the financial losses incurred and the reduced availability of social housing for those who are eligible and in need. Experian’s Tenancy Verification Service provides an efficient approach to reducing tenancy misuse.

How does fraud and error occur?

The Audit Commission’s inclusion of social tenancy fraud as part of the National Fraud Initiative moves understanding and tackling these issues firmly up the agenda for all social housing providers.

Misuse involves individuals obtaining social housing that they are not entitled to, in many cases knowingly for financial gain. It can also occur when circumstances change whilst the tenant is in possession of the property and these changes are not notified or dealt with appropriately.

 Examples include:

- Tenants submitting false information, misrepresenting their circumstances or identity.

- Unauthorised sub-letting of the property by a tenant either initially or later in the tenancy.

- Wrongful succession of tenancy to another party.

- Non occupation of the tenancy address as the principal home by the authorised tenant.Misuse of social housing as a postal address for other types of fraud such as benefit fraud.

- Misuse of social housing as a postal address for other types of fraud such as benefit fraud.

Experian’s Tenancy Verification Service

Experian’s Tenancy Verification Service helps you to manage your social housing stock effectively and efficiently so that you can save cost and provide a superior level of service.

 The key information provided enables you to:

- Reduce the cost of housing tenancy misuse.

- Understand the local impact and make service provision responsive to local need.

- Identify appropriate and proportionate action in response to suspected risk.

- Inform the best use of resource allocated to housing tenancy misuse.

- Reduce the cost of temporary accommodation provision.

- Support your choice based letting initiatives and allocation of social housing

- Fulfil your responsibilities as guardians of social housing.

- Meet the standards set by the Tenant Services Authority


Case study

“We have been able to work with Experian, combining our own internal analysis with Experian’s data-matching capability to enable us to identify, prioritise and quickly investigate cases flagged as very likely fraudulent.”

Case study

Hillingdon case study“Every call or tip-off made to my team is investigated and we push to reclaim any property that isn’t being lived in by the correct people. Reclaiming these properties helps us save the council money, benefiting all council taxpayers in the borough.”

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