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Experian is a leader in ID verification solutions and organisations
use our ID check solutions to prevent fraud,
money laundering and ID theft.

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As specialists in identity verification we can help law firms carry out due diligence checks and help to comply with anti money laundering legislation. We have a range of products designed to make the validation process simple and effective.


Prove-ID is an international identity verification tool which allows you to authenticate identities in real-time. It uses a variety of premium verified data sources including the Electoral Register and the Telephone Directory. Our databases hold more than a billion records on the past and present addresses of UK residents and their personal details. Prove-ID also searches the negative data including the Sanctions & Politically Exposed People (PEP) and the Halo mortality database.
Prove-ID generates a report that verifies name, address, age, driving licence information and passport details.

These personal characteristics are tested against government sources as well as Experian’s databases, the UK’s largest credit reference bureau.
Prove-ID can be integrated into existing systems or as a simple web page with password access. The archive facility within Prove-ID allows you to keep track of all identity searches performed in the last 12 months. This audit trail can help to meet compliance regulations and demonstrate due diligence.


AutoDoc-ID is an automated document identification tool which can check scanned documents for Date of Birth, Nationality, Age, Document Number, Expiry Date and Authenticity.

Simply upload an image of the ID document to be checked, AutoDoc-ID’s Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology extracts and verifies all the key information contained in the document, producing a report in 60 seconds. AutoDoc-ID can work with any image of 300dpi quality or above, meaning you can capture an image by office scanners or any camera with 2.5 mega pixels or above.

If the document cannot be validated, it is referred to a team of document experts, trained to border standards for human review with a result in 60 minutes. The ability to refer checks means you are able to accept previously difficult documents such as International driving licenses without the need for an in-house specialist team.

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