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Hunter - Detect, investigate and record fraud at the point of application

Hunter is a globally successful fraud prevention solution developed using leading-edge technologies.

Hunter enables you to detect, investigate and record fraud at the point of application. Hunter is used by many of the world's leading organisations across a variety of sectors, including Financial Services, Telecoms and Insurance. Hunter has received the Queens Award for Innovation.

How we can help you?

Hunter works by checking application data for anomalies within the current application, anomalies against previous applications and matches against previous known and suspected fraudulent applications.

It then provides a referral investigation management facility and enables the recording and sharing of decisions.

Hunter is a managed service solution that is hosted by Experian and accessed through a web browser – minimising your time and investment in hardware and technical resources.

A few key facts

- Make significant savings on fraud losses with accurate fraud detection before losses are incurred.

- Create consistent protection for your organisation with a solution that can cover all types of application and claim fraud.

- Integrate fraud prevention into your operational environment without sacrificing processing speed or customer service.

- Hunter can be integrated with Detect to create the most comprehensive application fraud solution available.

Using proven detection rules, Hunter screens for, and highlights potentially fraudulent applications, enabling fraudsters to be stopped before they become customers.

  • Measurable Return on Investment through increased fraud detection rates and fraud savings
  • Streamlined operational process with applications and claims efficiently loaded, reducing the requirement for manual processes
  • Enhanced investigation enabling investigation teams to work more targeted referral cases and maximise resources
  • Maintained customer service levels with a reduced turnaround time for cases
  • Delivering added value with additional recording and rejection of suspect policies and claims, improving future investigations

Combining a rules-driven business engine with intuitive investigative tools, Hunter supports a continuous cycle of fraud prevention, detection, investigation and improvement. As part of this process Hunter searches for fraudulent or suspicious connections to historic policies or claims. In addition, deliberate misinformation is identified by checking for hidden adverse information or historical conflicts.

Hunter offers a combination of fraud detection power and flexibility supported by the delivery capabilities of Experian. As applications and claims are made Hunter can check for connections to fraudulent and suspicious links in the data, including personal information such as names, dates of birth, accommodation and employment history as well as a range of  other information.

Hunter can be integrated in to existing systems to automatically provide results to indicate matching and investigation results back to the decision engine and processing system. This can influence strategy and response, to speed up the time between initial contact and approving the decision

Modular technology with flexible delivery options

Hunter is both robust and scalable, offering flexible deployment and operation options. The system can be configured to meet requirements and it is easy to accommodate additional data and rules.

It easily integrates with the existing application processing system and offers different operational modes to ensure response times relevant to the product needs. Hunter offers timely and efficient work methods, being available as a real-time or batch process, and includes an online matching web service.

Hunter fraud detection technology implements a set of proven fraud detection rules to screen the information. The rule set can be configured for different products and types of fraud and simply and rapidly amended as fraud profiles and products change, offering total coverage for the organisation.  Hunter offers fraud investigators a wide range of tools to assist in the investigation of a suspicious case. Cases are passed from Hunter and displayed to the team on configurable, interactive screens as a priority ranked summary of outstanding work.

The investigator can carry out and record a number of activities including contacting the customer and ordering additional checks and details.

Visual mapping of links and data assists in the identification of organised fraud and fraud rings.  Once the investigator has made a decision, the status of the case is passed back to the application processing system and the outcome recorded for use in the on-going detection process and for fraud monitoring and analysis, along with notes to assist future investigations and an audit log of all significant actions performed by the system and users.

Integrated management information and reporting enables the system performance and fraud prevention team’s efficiency to be evaluated. Analysis of fraud trends and patterns enables evaluation and fine-tuning of the detection rules as well as being able to quantify the value of the fraud prevented. In addition, if a fraud is detected for an existing customer this information can be fed back into the system to further enhance future checking and continually improve detection and accuracy rates.

Data matching with industry and national schemes

Fraud detection can be enriched by using external sources including credit bureaux, national fraud lists, mortality files, mail redirection services and home telephone number checks.

Client experience has shown data sharing offers significant advantages in detecting higher volumes of fraud and identifying fraud trends and patterns.

Through data sharing schemes it offers an answer to the shared problem of fraud, cross-matching data across organisations, corporate groups and industries. The systems operate on a principle of strict data reciprocity.


Consulting is at the heart of every delivery by Experian.

Consultants, with vast experience in the fraud industry, analytics and product deployment, work with clients at every stage of the project, firstly to fully understand the business and strategic direction, and then to help design and implement systems and processes that deliver objectives.

Experian consultants help analyse and identify the improvements in fraud avoidance, prevention or detection to be expected post implementation, enabling clients to invest with confidence, knowing the return on investment makes sound commercial sense.

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