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Use Experian’s challenge and response solution to ask questions based on a broad and dynamic set of customer information for real-time confidence in identity

Experian has developed 'Identity IQ', an innovative form of identity management for customers who are looking to drive higher authentication rates, passing more customers first time and supporting the need for continued re-authentication, whilst reducing the risk of identity fraud and account takeover.

Breathe new life into your identity checking

The world of fraud is an ever evolving environment, refresh your identity checking before it begins to stagnate, revealing weaknesses to fraudsters.

Recent CIFAS statistics have uncovered a 53% surge in account takeover fraud throughout 2012*

Download our whitepaper on Account Takeover and Identity Theft to find out more on this growing fraud threat HERE.

Dig deeper to challenge customers for proof of identity

Providing an additional electronic verification and security can enable:

  • A reduction in fraud and error, and can be particularly effective against account takeover fraud
  • Higher confidence in the identity of the individual
  • Increased pass rates, including customers with thin credit files, without the need to turn to manual processing
  • An interactive questioning technique to provide high levels of identity assurance

View the Identity IQ infographic by clicking here to find out more on how Identity IQ can help you

Grow your customer loyalty

Offer fast and flexible re-authentication for a better customer experience, Identity IQ can help you:

  • Provide a better consumer experience for occasional transactions (e.g. online banking transfer). No need for the consumer to remember passwords or carry a token
  • Ensure real-time confidence in the identity of your customers
  • Migrate to more cost effective channels, as Identity IQ works face to face, in the call centre and online

Find out how clients are using Identity IQ to include an additional layer of identity checking, increasing customer pass rates whilst still providing a good customer experience. Download the Credit Expert case study HERE.

How does it work?

Experian Identity IQ provides electronic verification and security by asking customers questions randomly generated from a pool of over 80 examples. These questions call on Experian's vast set of current and historical data that only the individual would know the answer to.

This innovative form of identity management is ideal for organisations looking to drive higher authentication and support the need for continued re-authentication. Enabling you to:

  • Have confidence in the identity of every individual
  • Reduce the risk of identity fraud and account takeover
  • On-board customers quickly
  • Retain customers through fast and efficient customer service

*CIFAS reference: Take over of Accounts, Feb 2013

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