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less, and manage fraud
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Risk-ID seeks to validate and accept 100% of your genuine customer orders by delivering both a rules engine and data validation service in a single solution.

Why use Risk ID?

By combining extensive data assets together with a behavioural risk engine you will be able to maximise your business whilst providing a seamless customer experience for your customer.

  • Automate the decision process & maximise your order acceptance
  • Reduce the number of manual referrals
  • Minimise fraud
  • Increased control with a flexible and fast rules management platform
  • Experience simple integration with a solution that is universally compatible

How does it work?

With access to nearly 2 billion records, including IP address, BIN, fraud and linked data plus international telephone data and our Credit Bureau database, Risk ID can identify genuine and valuable customers as well as fraud and fraud rings.

Using Risk ID’s simple and easy to use interface you can set up your own rules and velocity checks instantly, online, anytime - increasing your accepted order rate while reducing the review queue.

The solution also provides a dedicated risk free platform to test new rules without affecting the live platform as well as access to a real-time reporting suite online

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Outsource your review queue

This Risk ID product add-on enables you to essentially automate your review queue by outsourcing the referrals to our expert UK based referrals team.

You can rely on us to review all referred transactions, identify suspected fraud and process the genuine customers.

They will also provide optimisation reports to enable a reduction in referrals and suggest enhancements on decision based rules currently in place.

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