Capture and manage accurate customer data

Capture and manage accurate customer data

Capturing and managing accurate customer data is vital to safeguard your business and communicate efficiently with customers:

  • 13% of the UK population move house every year (7.8m people)
  • 600,000 people died in the UK last year
  • 1.2m addresses change
  • It is estimated that 1 in 20 cars in the UK are being driven without correct insurance

Source: The Office for National Statistics, Royal Mail and Ordnance Survey

Collecting accurate information on your customers helps you authenticate their identity, evaluate risk and communicate effectively. Experian’s contact data management (CDM) services help you collect accurate customer information and manage contact data more efficiently.  The effective implementation of contact data management delivers insight immediately, and helps you respond to the needs of customers more effectively to deliver a better customer experience.

Audit your contact data quality - Capture clean and accurate customer data at point of contact to maintain the integrity of your customer information

Manage names and addresses to improve customer contact - Enhance your customer data with contact information to optimise communications

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