Data Protection Act 1998

To protect the rights of individuals and to ensure appropriate use of information, Experian fully supports and complies with the laws of Data Protection.

The Data Protection Acts of 1984 and 1998 contain rules that affect the use of information. For full details, please refer to

The information accessible via Experian is provided to you on the understanding that you are familiar and compliant with data protection law, and that you are using and processing data in an appropriate manner.

Our obligations

As a data provider, Experian is obliged to:
  • Fully comply with the law;
  • Ensure its data is kept accurate;
  • Employ appropriate quality control procedures;
  • Take all reasonable steps regarding appropriate access to the data by third parties.

Your obligations

As a data buyer and processor, you are obliged to:
  • Be familiar with the laws affecting data;
  • Process data in an appropriate manner.
If you decide to purchase information from Experian, you are also obliged to adhere to our Terms and Conditions

For more information

For details of the Data Protection Acts of 1984 or 1998, or advice on a particular case or circumstance, please contact:

The Office of the Information Commissioner.
Wycliffe House,
Water Lane,
Wilmslow, Cheshire SK9 5AF

Information line: 01625 545745

Privacy statement

Experian uses personal information concerning this Web site in only two circumstances.

(1) Data relating to individuals within your own business.

You may be required to provide us with personal data to access services on this Web site. We use this data to fulfil our obligations and provide related services, such as customer support. We may also use such data to analyse the use of our services by customers. We will not use any personal data for any other purpose, and will not make it available to any third party.

(2) Data relating to your customers.

You need to submit personal data about your customers so we can provide our services through this Web site. We will check the details that you supply about an individual against the particular information about that individual held on any other databases to which we have access, whether public or not. We will also retain those details to be used in the future to assist other companies for verification purposes. A record of each search will be retained. You are required to obtain the consent of each of your customers to the use of their personal data in these ways in accordance with Clause 11(b) of the Terms and Conditions.

A simplified guide to the Data Protection Act 1998

Experian has produced a 'Simplified Guide to the Data Protection Act 1998'. This free guide is designed to assist businesses holding personal information on customers, suppliers, directors, shareholders or others. Download the Simplified Guide.

The guide is in Adobe PDF format. To open it you need to have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your computer. If you need Acrobat Reader, click the link below.

Download Adobe Acrobat Reader