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Delphi for Marketing consumer credit data

Delphi for Marketing (DFM) is Experian’s comprehensive consumer credit data, covering the credit information of all UK consumers.

Designed specifically for responsible lending, DFM allows you to make informed consumer credit marketing decisions. Consumer credit analysis, combined with CAIS data, gives you the information you need to target those who are able to afford your offers and avoid those who are already under financial stress.

Ensure responsible lending by targeting consumers who can afford the repayments.

Download our factsheet to learn more about consumer credit analysis with Delphi for Marketing or complete your contact details on the right to arrange for one of our specialist Account Managers to call you.

How can DFM help me?

Access to the most comprehensive coverage of UK consumers' credit risk status
Experian’s range of consumer credit data coupled with CAIS data* and all public record information ensures you have a complete picture of an individual’s credit risk.
*All major financial organisations contribute to the CAIS

  • Protect the reputation of your brand
    Make responsible consumer credit marketing decisions; only target those consumers who can afford your credit offers.
  • Increase conversion rates
    Improve ROI and KPI’s by sending credit offers only to those who can afford them and will pass the application stage assessment
  • Right offer to the right consumer
    Tailor your offer and creative based on credit risk criteria to maximise the return on marketing spend and increase conversion rates.

Why Experian?

Experian has the most comprehensive coverage of the UK consumer credit market ensuring the most accurate and complete view of an individual’s credit risk.

Experian’s Delphi for Marketing combines the wealth of consumer credit and marketing information that is compliantly available from Experian. By assessing this consumer credit data against consumer behaviour overtime it is possible to predict future credit risk and attribute a score to all individuals in the UK.

To ensure compliance obligations are met there are three scores available:

  • Delphi for Marketing – CAIS with Behavioural Data Sharing1
  • Delphi for Marketing – CAIS2
  • Delphi for Marketing – Non-CAIS

Dependent on the product being marketed the Delphi scores can be used to optimise the marketing selections and ensure a lower cost per acquisition is achievable.

1 Organisations with a credit or store card must subscribe the BDS data to use this score which may only be used in line with the principles of reciprocity.
2 Organisations must be subscribing CAIS data and the score may only be used in line with the principles of reciprocity.

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