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property full service offerWhether you’re an investor, developer, owner, manager, or tenant at Experian we know that your top priority is to optimise the performance of your property assets. In the current challenging economic climate the need for new, reconfigured, or existing schemes to meet their full potential has never been so important.

Key to this challenge is ensuring your scheme fully meets the needs of its target consumers.  Whatever your strategic focus, dependable market, location, and consumer insight will reduce capital investment risks, and help you achieve competitive advantage in the fast moving retail and leisure sector.

Development appraisal

Developers need to prove a new development or reconfiguration of an existing scheme will meet the aspirations of both investors and prospective tenants. 
Our retail catchment tools can be deployed to model any number of development scenarios, helping you predict the potential impact of changes to catchment areas and consumer expenditure.  This critical insight will allow you to test the feasibility of your plans before you commit your scarce capital. 

Customer insight and acquisition

The consumer is king in retail, and an understanding of who they are, where they live, how they behave, and their likes and dislikes, underpins location analysis.  We utilise our wealth of data to help many businesses develop a detailed and accurate understanding of existing customers and potential consumers.

With a depth and breadth of data assets unavailable anywhere else, Experian data on individuals and households across over 400 variables such as income, family status, and channel preference, can help you understand just who your customer is.  We can profile customer databases, analyse potential scheme catchment areas, or undertake bespoke research.  Not only will this help you better align your services and offer to your customer base, but also target them with greater precision, delivering better results at a lower cost.

Our data can be used to generate a Single Customer View, bringing together disparate consumer databases from various business functions.  For instance loyalty card databases can be brought together with promotional databases, and when combined with Experian’s consumer data provide a single platform delivering improved communication and increased footfall.

Location and market analysis

The powerful insight derived from accurate retail catchment areas underpins almost all market and customer strategies conducted by centre owners, investors, and developers.  Experian retail catchment models will help you reveal the retail landscape relevant to your business, identify consumer demographics, monitor competitor threats, rank centres according to potential, benchmark existing assets, assess the impact of economic forecasts, and predict turnover.
Experian can provide you with robust catchments for every significant retail centre in the UK and Eire, and much of the world.  With retail catchment models for over 60 countries, and more constantly in development, Experian are perfectly placed to support your business.

Combined with unrivalled consumer datasets, Experian location data paints a detailed picture of the demand and supply factors characterising any location.  Globally, Experian holds demographic data on more than 500 million individuals in 260 million households and online behaviour data on 25 million internet users across five million websites.  We have further segmented more than 2.3 billion consumers in over 30 countries including major emerging markets such as Brazil and India.

Experian’s Economics Team have been active in the real estate sector for over 25 years, operating models that produce our macroeconomic, regional, city, household, real estate, and credit market forecasts.   Experian’s economic insight is used by clients to, compare the performance of real estate assets, evaluate new opportunities, analyse future drivers behind investment performance, optimise the allocation of investment funds, identify local market vulnerability, quantify the impact of future economic scenarios, and assess future risks. At the location level Experian can also utilise bespoke footfall surveys to help you understand foot traffic within and around your centres. 

Commercial and tenant analysis

The success of a retail/leisure scheme depends on designing an offer that is sufficiently attractive to the target consumer base.  Above all, this means getting your tenant mix right.  Our consumer and expenditure insight can help you achieve this, ensuring that you identify the optimal mix of retail and leisure tenants to satisfy the needs and aspirations of the scheme’s consumer profile.

Experian can support the ongoing management of your asset through Tenant Gap Analysis, where we focus on identifying key opportunities (brands, fascias, and retail categories) to enhance your scheme.  As a trusted supplier of consumer and location services to many retail organisations, we can help you develop compelling marketing to attract operators to your scheme.

Challenging economic conditions mean the need to minimise the exposure of your scheme to commercial risk has never been so important.  To this end, we can help you identify struggling and even failing tenants, allowing you to better manage your assets and consider the implications for your investments.

Much of our insight is underpinned by the Experian GOAD retail database, a comprehensive record of over 450,000 retail occupiers in the UK and Eire.  These retail centre plans enable investors and developers to view the retail and leisure floor space for any particular location (UK).  This instant insight will help you benchmark schemes, assess mix, and analyse gaps.

Cross-channel marketing analysis

The ever increasing number of options available to consumers to fulfil their shopping needs makes appropriate multi-channel engagement ever more important.  From websites to social media, mobile devices to market places, and of course shopping centres and high streets – the consumer now has a multitude of channels to engage through.  Fortunately, we can help you navigate this ever changing landscape having worked with many companies to enhance their understanding of the impacts and synergies of each and every channel, and how the end consumer interacts with all of them.

Experian is uniquely positioned to provide a consistent view of consumers across media channels, spanning bricks, clicks and flicks, and to help you identify and adopt the most appropriate channels for each shopper in order to maximise the value of each customer contact.

Experian Hitwise allows us to access rich online traffic data generated by the online movements (upstream and downstream) of million s of internet users.  We can uniquely report on this traffic both in terms of its demographics, socio-economic grouping (Mosaic) and regional location.  This customer insight can help you begin to understand the linkage between online and offline consumers, which in turn can be fed into marketing and leasing strategies.

We can support your social media strategy by leveraging the insight developed by Experian Techlightenment, social media specialists.  This insight will empower you to tailor the way you connect with customers through social media based upon the brands they ‘like’ and talk about. 

Ultimately, Experian can help you to link disparate consumption channels, such as online, social, and the high street (centre), empowering you to design fully informed and connected communication, development, and investment, strategies.


Market Research

Keeping pace with the ever evolving market place not only requires you to identify who your key consumers are, but necessitates a detailed appreciation of their needs and desires.

We can recommend and manage various forms of research designed to help you achieve this.  Based on our recommendations, centre owners and investors are able to make contact with their customers effectively, both through traditional surveys, or more innovative social media polls or online interfaces.

Clearly understanding what customers want, such as new brands, improved facilities, and special offers, will help you ensure the ongoing successful performance of a scheme.  Insights from our customer research projects have been instrumental in driving client marketing and leasing strategies, and helping them monitor and improve on a variety of key performance measures overtime (at centre and portfolio level).

The quality of customer experience is increasingly differentiating successful centres and schemes from the competition, so not surprisingly many owners are developing strategies to better engage and retain consumers.  By utilising mystery shopping techniques, Experian can help support your centre strategy by monitoring the performance of both tenants and centre management functions.


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