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Meet the Everything Tech:

1) Cross-platform devices and activities
2) Online vs. traditional content consumption habits
3) Mobile
4) Shopping
5) Leisure
6) Media and Advertising
7) What makes the Everything Tech unique?
8) Demographic profile

1) Cross-platform devices and activities
For Everything Tech consumers, accessing content on the go is extremely important – and nothing allows them to do this more than digital tablets. This new technology has changed the way this group conduct everyday life – Everything Tech consumers are 63 per cent more likely to have used a tablet recently. Mobile and internet-enabled devices in general are much more popular with Everything Tech; with high usage of internet-enabled devices such as games consoles and MP3 players in this type.

6 out of 10 Everything Tech consumers use tablets to connect on a regular basis.

2) Online vs. traditional content consumption habits
New technology is extremely important to this group, and consumers are more likely to use devices introduced to society in the last 5-10 years such as tablets and MP3 players.

The content of choice for this type is video – whether it’s catching up on their latest TV programmes, streaming films or accessing live content, Everything Tech consumers have streamed video content across all internet-enabled devices on a regular basis.

In light of this need for real-time content, traditional methods of media consumption have slipped down the priority chain for Everything Tech, though only to make their behaviour in this respect fairly average; they are only one per cent more likely to have watched TV or read a newspaper recently, tending to opt for mobile devices to consume magazines, news and sport.

Online media consumption is primarily focused around easy access to content they love such as music, video, social connections and magazines. They are almost four times more likely to access magazines online mainly via work computers, tablets or mobiles. And why they do admit their traditional magazine consumption has declined because of the internet, 42 per cent say they cannot resist buying magazines.

3) Mobile
Despite the popularity of tablets with Everything Tech, mobiles are still the device to connect them to the outside world. Everything Tech consumers often opt for the newest handsets to market to demonstrate status amongst their peers. 

In line with Everything Tech’s cross-platform activities, access to content is their main source of mobile activity – Everything Tech consumers are almost twice as likely to download videos and 1.5 times more likely to download songs using their mobiles. Traditional mobile activity, such as text and email, is lower for this type, with users preferring to use their devices as a source of information than communication – this type is almost five times more likely to use information from their mobile phones to plan their free time.

60 per cent of Everything Tech consumers have purchased a product advertised to them on a mobile device

Of all types, mobile devices have the strongest influence on Everything Tech’s purchasing decisions – this type is almost ten times more likely to be interested in receiving ads on their devices. 60 per cent of Everything Tech consumers purchase a product they see advertised on their device, with 64 per cent willing to accept adverts on their device if they were to receive something of value in exchange.

But mobile operators shouldn’t be fooled by this reliance on mobile – technology is more important than brand loyalty to this type, and they are four times more likely to switch mobile phone service providers if they can offer the latest handsets and technology.

4) Shopping
Peer recommendation is extremely important to the Everything Tech consumer – they like to be at the forefront when it comes to leisure, clothing and technology, and their reliance on social media as well as mobile when it comes to purchasing decisions shows just how much the opinions of others factor into their decisions.

Using the platforms as both an information sourcing and sharing tool, Everything Tech consumers are nearly six times more likely to trust the product information they get from social networks over other sources. Advertisements and recommendations within social networks are very influential with this group – Everything Tech consumers are six times more likely to purchase products they see advertised through these channels, and are over three times more likely to purchase products that their friends and peers have recommended.

Everything Tech consumers like to share their experiences about products, especially when linked to a positive experience, and are three times as likely to take to social networks to tell friends and followers about these companies and products. This information sharing also extends beyond the immediate social networks, and this group is over three times as likely to post ratings and reviews online for others.

It’s clear that other people’s opinions are very important when it comes to purchases and this is reflected in their purchasing choices. The typical Everything Tech consumer is between two and four times more likely to shop with high end brands such as Ralph Lauren, Abercrombie and Fitch and sports brands such as Nike.

5) Leisure
Everything Tech consumers like to keep active and enjoy participating in sports that are in keeping with their competitive nature. Sports such as boxing, football and squash all rank very highly with this group.

6) Media and advertising
Streaming content is very popular with Everything Tech consumers – music and podcasts are a primary focus. Alongside their avid content streaming habits, Everything Tech consumers’ media consumption focuses on visits to sites that allow them to plan their offline world, online. Visits to specialist retail sites for purchase such as tickets are twice as likely to be made by this group.

Advertising holds a huge sway with Everything Tech. They’re 59 per cent more likely to say that advertising helps them to learn about company’s products – the highest of any Always On consumer type. In addition, they’re nine times more likely to be interested in receiving adverts to their mobiles and eight times more likely to say they would purchase products advertised to them in this way.

7) What makes the Everything Tech unique?
Everything Tech consumers, whilst traditionally moving away from offline news consumption, are huge fans of glossy magazines – they are five times more likely to use magazines as a key source of entertainment, with the likes of fitness and style magazines ranking highly with this group.

Everything Tech consumers make online a huge part of their social life, and are almost four times more likely to visit personal ad and dating websites.

8) Demographic profile
Everything Tech consumers have a fairly even gender split and typically aged between 18 and 34.  These consumers are more likely than average to be unmarried and live in rented properties. Everything Tech consumers are in full time employment, but are almost 20% less likely to have completed a higher education qualification.

Mass Entertainment is this type of Always On consumer’s online behaviour;  according to Mosaic Digital Insights they will be found watching You Tube or listening to and downloading music.

Self-image is extremely important for Everything Tech consumers – they are often the first to try new things, whether this is the latest diet, the newest bar or hottest gadget. Often perceived to be materialistic, Everything Tech consumers find social status and position in society extremely important.

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