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Surrey Police

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Levels of anti-social behaviour peak during Halloween & Bonfire Night, making them the busiest nights of the year. Focusing on the Home Office target of public confidence and National Indicator 21, Surrey police used Experian’s Mosaic Public Sector people classification to help with targeted interventions and reassurance measures for the public. This resulted in a mix of operational and communications activity known externally as “The Pumpkin Patrol”.

Redhill, Woking and Staines were identified as the hotspots. The most vulnerable people, the general public and potential perpetrators of antisocial behaviour were identified as the key target groups.

Mosaic Public Sector was used to inform an understanding of each groups channel preferences. These were split out into three distinct and targeted campaigns.

Most vulnerable groups

General public

Younger people

“Mosaic helped us plan and deliver one of Surrey Police’s most targeted and effective campaigns to date. By being able to target those with a higher than average fear of crime in our three hot spot areas, we could direct our crime prevention advice and reassuring messages directly to those people in their homes. We were also able to use Mosaic to verify our other choices of communications channels; we selected the channels that the wider Surrey Public were most likely to be receptive to and made sure we had a presence in these over the two week campaign period.”

Carys Jones, Neighbourhood Communications & Campaigns Manager, Surrey Police

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