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Since 1902, Triumph has been producing distinctive motorcycles celebrated worldwide for their style and engineering. Through the Fifties and Sixties, names such as Steve McQueen and Marlon Brando cemented the Triumph legend, while numerous land speed records and race track successes gave Triumph iconic status worldwide.

In 1990, a new Triumph company emerged. Remaining true to its heritage, Triumph was reborn combining the very latest design and manufacturing facilities with the character and design flair that has always been associated with the famous swooping badge.

Triumph first engaged with Experian in 2006 to access up-to-the-minute customer and location planning insights to assist with Triumph’s review of dealer performance. Experian’s proprietary data assets and consultancy expertise has helped Triumph to identify where the best returns for network planning efforts are to be made.

Triumph’s endeavour has been to ensure coverage of the UK so that customers have easy access to a dealership facility, for both new motorcycle sales and after-sales facilities.

Customers are actively encouraged to have their Triumph Motorcycles serviced and maintained within the franchised Dealer network, therefore ensuring they have access to a Dealer within a reasonable travel time is very important.

Triumph also seeks to ensure that each identified Dealer territory has a profitable business opportunity. Too many Dealers and the opportunity for each can be too low; too few Dealers and the customers have to travel further. Getting the balance right is the key and Triumph turned to Experian to help them manage this.

To meet the demands of Triumph’s unique brief, Experian provided a consultancy service to plan the review and optimisation of Triumph’s Dealer network.

The process applied was robust, transparent and scalable. Using Experian’s market leading segmentation tool, Mosaic, the key demographic profiles of a ‘Triumph customer’ were defined and geographic clusters where existing and potential customers reside were then identified throughout the UK. By implementing Triumph’s own business rules within the project, a bespoke Network Plan which meets Triumph’s unique requirements was delivered.

As a result of Experian’s assistance to define and implement a more concise networking planning methodology, Triumph’s share of the market have risen from 9.8% to 17.5% over the last 30 months. And the Triumph Dealers are increasingly happy; ranking the value of holding the franchise as number one in their satisfaction assessments. Areas for improvement have also been identified for under performing dealers and plans put in place to ensure the potential of an area is maximised.

But a network plan is constantly evolving. Experian have supported Triumph every step of the way and continue to do so with their future expansion plans. Initially Experian took the time to understand the Triumph business, their unique objectives, and how they work; and this has been instrumental to the success of the relationship.

“Following the project, the whole UK team has a clear view of where dealers should be located and what their true potential should be. We have agreed a plan with dealers in sub prime locations to relocate, or we have started discussions with potential new franchise partners to represent a territory. Vitally, it gives a solid position for not just “cramming” in additional dealers where a potential appears to exist, which would in fact just be substitutional sales.”

Steve Cooper, UK Dealer Development Manager, Triumph Motorcycles Ltd

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