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Retail Marketing

Customers expect brands to anticipate and cater for their needs and preferences, in whatever channel they happen to be using.

In order to thrive, you must put customers at the heart of your retail marketing strategy – using data to deliver personalisation, understand the path to purchase and drive decisions. With more customer information available than ever before, opportunities are there for retailers who can turn data into real consumer insight. Experian Marketing Services recognise the challenges you face and our expertise can help you interact intelligently with customers

Keeping up to speed with online activity in the retail sector

The retail industry is constantly evolving. The influence of technology and the internet has a huge effect and marketers need to keep up to speed with what’s going on.


How to personalise your marketing – four easy steps…

Personalisation is a massive topic in modern marketing. In this article Experian’s Marie Myles explains the four key steps towards implementing successful personalisation.


Helping retailers intelligently interact with their customers

"Understanding who your ideal customer is and engaging effectively with them is every retailer's top priority. Revealing the person behind your data with rich insights, can help bring you closer to them.


The issue of showrooming – bridging the gap between offline and online retail

"Showrooming" is a concern to retail marketers. In this article, Experian's Debbie Oates explains how brands need to combine their offline, online and cross-device channels to succeed.


Is webrooming the new showrooming?
What retailers need to know

A follow-up article looking into "webrooming" being more of an issue than "showrooming".


Luxury retailer

Experian's combined Facebook and Email marketing activity drives an ROI increase of 350% for a luxury retailer.



Experian helps Boden to understand, attract and retain customers, as well as apply these learnings to online channels such as email and online advertising.


Dine and Discuss

Date: 17th September, 2015

Location: Venue TBC, London

An invite only event exploring retail personalisation for a selected group of contacts. If you would like to know more please contact Eliot Damon


Retail Week Tech and Ecommerce event

Date: 15th and 16th Of September

Location: Venue TBC, London

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