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Integrating social media into the marketing mix

Integrating social media

Find out how one of our clients used the Alchemy Social ad manager tool to target its Facebook advertising more precisely than ever to individual customers.

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Alchemy Social Luxury Retailer Case Study

    Experian's combined Facebook and Email marketing activity drives an ROI increase of 350% for a luxury retailer.

A relationship with a with an established US-based luxury retailer involeved helping the client to thoroughly understand customers and ensure accessibility to consumers, where ever they are.

"Using Experian's cross-channel approach has led to increased customer understanding, engagement and revenue - as well as a chance to target 'unreachable customers".


Following the huge use of email and the meteoric rise in smartphone ownership, combined with the dramatic increase in social media use, the retailer wanted to focus on maximising returns using these channels and re-engage with customers they had lost contact with.


The focus looked at providing targeting that is more precisely focused on the individual customer. This in turn enables the client to engage with the user in the environment of their choice rather than focus on channels.

Experian's Alchemy Social Ad Manager technology allows retailers to upload their email database and securely check it against Facebook's own customer database, matching customers against profiles to create 'Custom Audiences'. Crucially, no Personally Identifiable Information (PII) is disclosed during this process as the tool identifies the customer, not the contact details.

Alchemy Luxury Retailer case study


To view the results of Standard Life, download the case study.

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