Quotemehappy.com Case Study

Mobile optimised email proves optimum solution for Quotemehappy.com to increase conversions and customer engagement.

A division of Aviva, Quotemehappy.com is based entirely online. With no phone numbers or physical stores they can offer high premiums.

"Being able to call upon the wealth of resources from the wider Experian group is hugely important. Other providers may have been able to help us with mobile, or online, or social insight, but Experian Marketing Services is the only partner with the depth and breadth of insight across them all. They're always innovating, looking at our business to understand how existing solutions can be better deployed and creating new ones tailored to our needs."

Tim Sutton, Quotemehappy.com


Catering for customers and their desire for an effective but low maintenance relationship, Quotemehappy.com needed to fully understand their customers and how to engage with them Experian Marketing Services started working on how customers were interacting with their emails, with this communication line being the primary channel to market, and research concluding they had a 28% open rate on mobile devices. From this, they concluded that mobile optimisation would be the most effective avenue.


Quotemehappy.com, with the mobile guidelines created by Experian Marketing Services, started treating and tracking mobile users seperately, enabling the client to isolate the ROI of their mobile users and identify what needed tweaking.

From this, the mobile optimised email was created from the desk top version, allowing further progression with their audience engagement.

Quotemehappy.com case studyDownload the case study for the full results.

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