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2014 Festive Insights & Predictions

What does Christmas 2014 have in store for retail marketers? In this report Experian studies data from previous years, plus recent market trends, to create predictions for the upcoming festive period. Download now >


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Welcome programmes best practice

This document will review what best practice processes to follow when creating welcome emails, how to create welcome campaigns as well as provide examples of larger welcome programmes. Download now >


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Discover the latest opportunities in mobile marketing

Understand how your customers are behaving and interacting with your brand online, wherever they are. Discover the latest mobile marketing opportunities. Download now >


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Demonstrating ROI with competitive intelligence

Demonstrating ROI is one thing, but proving it is another. Discover how advances in digital analytics and measurement tools now gives marketers the required metrics to benchmark success. Download now >


Demonstrating ROI with competitive intelligence

Key trends in the UK population Our new white paper looks at four key trends: rising renting, segmented city, spreading suburbs and ranging retirment. It explores how they’ve come about, identifies where they commonly occur and explores the implications for marketers and public policy. Download now >



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The cross-channel insight imperative

Reaching modern consumers is difficult, especially if you don't know your customer, and understand how they engage with your brand in person, online and through all other channels, both new and traditional. Download our new white paper to find out how to harness Mosaic's valuable consumer insight. Download now >


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Building a strategic cross-channel roadmap

At its core, cross-channel marketing requires organisations to carefully integrate touchpoints into a comprehensive real-time view of the consumer through data collection, aggregation and analytics. Download now >



The future of the customer journey

The future of the customer journey

Understanding the journeys consumers make online before the decision to purchase is becoming increasingly important for brands. This paper explores how to influence customers along the path to purchase. Download now >



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Cross-Channel Marketing Buyers Guide

This guide will enable you to confidently embrace cross-channel marketing and discover the means and methods to implement a truly optimised cross-channel marketing program. Download now >



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Festive Insights for Retailers

Using data to prepare, enhance and execute the perfect Christmas campaigns. We explore Christmas past, present and future and give you everything you need to make it a cracker. Download now >



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The Importance of Intelligent Interactions

Research from Experian highlights how brands need to evolve their marketing strategies to engage with the 'Always On' consumer based on their platform choices and preferences. Download now >



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Cross Channel Marketing

Consumers now expect a seamless user experience regardless of the device they use to interact with your brand. Discover how to manage and execute campaigns, ensuring the customer receives your messages in real-time and optimised for the right channel. Download now >


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6 steps to effective segmentation

Segmentation is a powerful tool to help achieve your business strategy and drive higher value to your brand. You'll probably have some form of segmentation in your business today; but is it really effective? Has it been built the best way drawing together the power of data, analytics and market research to provide an actionable tool to drive decisions, strategy and targeting? Download now >


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From concept to reality: achieving the Single Customer View

This paper separates fact from fiction, outlines the tangible benefits that can be achieved, the dangers of failure and gives practical advice on how to turn the Single Customer View concept into a marketing reality. Download now >



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10 steps to define your customer relationship requirements

This paper walks you through some fundamental questions that your business needs to address before it embarks on a journey to invest in any form of customer management capabilities. If you follow these key steps, your business will be well placed to drive successful customer relationships. Download now >


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Big Data an evolution not a revolution

In the world of Big Data, it's not just that there's more data to deal with – it's what you do with it that counts. Our new paper explores where marketers should focus their efforts, discusses how online and offline data can be linked and shows how it's only at the point where decisions are made that the real impact can be felt. Download now >


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Town Centre Futures 2020

Experian has conducted the Town Centre Futures 2020 project to address the issue of town centre decline. We looked into the potential drivers of future town centre change and how Town Teams might successfully respond to these. This report presents key findings from the project. Download now >


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Essential data quality management

Active data gathering and the utilisation of that data for communications and interactions with their customers is becoming more and more important for all businesses, big and small. This does however need to be coupled with effective and essential management of data quality. Find out how the basics of data quality management can be introduced into the business without a big price tag. Download now >


The 2013 Digital Trends Report

Digital Trends 2013

Experian has published Digital Trends 2013, a comprehensive analysis of how data and technology will impact the digital marketing environment in 2013 and the key digital trends for marketers to watch. Download now >



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Avoiding the segmentation trap

Segmentation is a powerful technique, but it can be misunderstood and misused. Read this whitepaper to understand what are the 10 common traps of segmenting customers and how to successfully use segmentation. Download now >



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How to add value using data enhancement

This paper has been written to provide direction on data enhancement options available in the market and what the potential benefits are. The subsequent outcomes are also discussed to give you an indication of how data enhancement can help you and your business fulfil your marketing strategy. Download now >


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Lost in space - spatial analysis

Lost in space? How can spatial analysis direct your market strategy? This whitepaper explains the strategic importance of spatial analysis and its most important applications. Download now >



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The Leaky Bucket

Many companies spend a fortune on acquisition for very little profitable growth, topping up their 'leaky bucket' with lots of new customers to replace ones that churn out. The 'leaky bucket' is a very expensive way to run a business. Download now >


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Going global? Benefits and challenges of international location planning

Customer focused companies from a wide variety of sectors, trading from both outlet and online based operations, are increasingly embracing location planning (spatial analysis) as a means to prioritise and understand the potential offered by international markets. This paper looks at the benefits and challenges of, and discusses the 10 top tips for, international location planning. Download now >


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Harness the power of data to drive marketing ROI

Data Driven Marketing is the bedrock and foundation for an insight driven approach. By harnessing the insights and information locked in your customer data, it removes the guesswork from your marketing campaigns and makes them more effective. This paper looks at common issues with data driven marketing and how to get past them, as well as how to maximise campaign success with effective data. Download now >


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The changing face of UK retail in today's multi-channel world

Uncovering exclusive research into consumer purchasing habits and behaviour, Experian's brand new whitepaper explores strategies to keep your organisation at the forefront of the retail industry. By embracing multichannel marketing to harness customer engagement and improve the shopping experience, UK retailers can ensure that the great British High Street doesn't become a thing of the past. Download now >


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Shout about your privacy policy

Adding value to customer engagement through effective data compliance. So how do you go about this in this increasingly complex world of marketing and communications? What skills, knowledge, tools and techniques do you need for success? Download now >


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People: the key to a successful data strategy?

Any hopes of embedding a data centric culture are dashed as soon as a project commences if no consideration is given to the people who are actually there to help. Download now >

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