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A consumer classification providing insight into the demographics, lifestyles and behaviours of UK consumers, Mosaic is a common currency for target audience definition across traditional and digital channels.

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Inner City Vibrancy report shows how urban living is reviving key UK cities

Manchester has the most vibrant inner city
6 of England’s 8 Core Cities have seen the greatest increase in inner city vibrancy
Young professionals and students are driving inner city growth

New research on the vibrancy of our cities released today by Experian, the global information services company, shows how inner city living is putting the heart back into some of England and Wales’ key urban centres, particularly in the Core Cities - former industrial heartlands outside Greater London.

Experian’s Inner City Vibrancy rankings identified 75 key urban areas within London boroughs and cities across England and Wales based on 2011 Census data. A 1km radius around the centre of each area was used for analysis. Analysing and comparing 2001 and 2011 Census data, each of these centres were ranked on eight key characteristics covering the housing type, tenure, economic activity and the professional status of the population living within these areas. Research also drew on Experian’s Mosaic classification to identify more precisely which types of people are living in inner cities and how this differs across the country.

The Inner City Vibrancy rankings give what Experian believes is a measure of how vibrant our cities are in terms of having a young, affluent resident population – in short cities with real communities – and how this inner city vibrancy has changed over time.

Key findings of the research include: 

  • Manchester has England and Wales’ most vibrant inner city, jumping 20 places up the rankings between 2001 and 2011 to first place 
  • There are four non-London centres within the top ten places for inner city vibrancy highlighting key pockets of growth and regeneration mainly outside the South East: Manchester, Canterbury, Leeds and Lancaster
  • Indeed, the six cities with the biggest jumps up the inner city vibrancy rankings between 2001 and 2011 are all Core Cities and in the North and Midlands of England
  • Dagenham ranks lowest overall for inner city vibrancy. Hull, Salford, Portsmouth and Stoke on Trent complete the bottom five places
  • Young well-educated people, often professionals as well as student populations are driving this growing inner city vibrancy

Nigel Wilson, Managing Director, Consumer Insight & Targeting, Experian Marketing Services commented:
“Clear insight into people and places – who is living where and what these places look like - is important as it is essential intelligence for a number of organisations and government bodies.  We’ve been working with this sort of insight for many years so we’re ideally placed to map and add colour to the key demographics and trends that are changing the face of Britain.”

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