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Cross-Channel Marketing Platform

Find out more about Experian's new Cross-Channel Marketing Platform and watch our animation video to see how Alex, the smarter marketer, uses the platform to interact with his customers across all marketing channels.

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Experian launches intuitive cross-channel marketing platform

New platform provides world’s leading brands with the ability to develop full-service marketing campaigns in all channels from a single system

Experian announces the launch of its new global cross-channel marketing platform, giving marketers the ability to develop and optimise real-time, full service marketing campaigns across any channel to deliver seamless, timely and coordinated communications.

The emergence of today’s new hyper connected and “always-on” consumer means brands must deliver coordinated and consistent customer experiences across all marketing channels. The Experian Cross-Channel Marketing Platform enables marketers to integrate real-time data and customer insight, optimise this insight to create meaningful customer conversations and then interact with customers regardless of channel across email, mobile, social, web, display and print.

Key features of the platform include:

  • Real-time and actionable data
    This feature enables marketers to obtain a true, panoramic customer view, integrating data from virtually any source (including first-party and third-party data) and channel into a central  repository for more effective targeting, triggering and personalisation of marketing campaigns across all channels. Brands can also layer customer data with deep consumer insights to gain a true, panoramic view of their customers.
  • Cross-channel campaign management
    The new platform provides a central location for marketers to plan, manage, execute and optimise all campaigns across channels, enabling them to focus less on logistics and more on delivering consistent and coordinated marketing messages to their customers as they naturally move seamlessly in and out of channels.
  • Intelligent customer interaction management
    Marketers are now able to trigger highly optimised, personalised and coordinated messages across channels based on customers’ real-time actions and responses to campaigns. All messages are created and delivered directly from the same platform, ensuring that customer response behaviour is immediately captured and accessible to drive even greater relevancy in subsequent interactions.

Nigel Wilson, Managing Director, Experian Marketing Services commented:
“In this always connected consumer environment, it’s critical for marketers to create a seamless brand experience across all channels, online and offline. This new Cross-Channel Marketing Platform draws on Experian’s expertise in building scalable and reliable marketing technology to transform how brands interact and connect with their customers. Our clients will be able to handle the growing complexities and speed required to effectively engage with their customers, understanding who their best customers are, finding more of them and building lasting customer relationships.” 

Additional highlights of Experian Marketing Services’ new Cross-Channel Marketing Platform include:

  • The platform allows marketers to interact with customers across multiple channels in both a batch-based and real-time one-to-one fashion
  • The ability to identify and reach customers who are key influencers on social networks and then send them special, enticing offers that reward brand advocacy
  • Behavioural capabilities to expand brand reach and increase campaign effectiveness
  • Mobile optimised emails, landing pages and preference centers
  • Industry-leading, proprietary email deliverability technology and expertise
  • The ability to identify how marketing efforts in various channels directly impact sales and drive brand advocacy

Learn more about our Cross Channel Marketing Platform.

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