Experian AudienceView

Knowing how consumers engage with the internet and behave online provides your marketing strategies and campaigns with a huge boost — allowing you to anticipate and meet customers’ precise needs with the products and services they want.

Powered by specialist expertise from Experian Hitwise. Experian AudienceView combines the largest sample of online consumer search and behaviour intelligence with Experian’s demographics, life stage and other attributes to provide timely, trended, online access to segment level insights.

By exploring the online activities of highly specific target audiences, Experian AudienceView allows you to identify your most valuable customer segments, understand their behaviours customers and gain the insights that drive highly engaging and mutually beneficial conversations.

And of course, Experian AudienceView manages data to the highest standards — ensuring that your customers trust you with their information and you remain compliant with national and international regulatory regimes.

The Experian AudienceView Advantage

Experian AudienceView insight dramatically improves your online marketing performance:

  • Define the audiences that you want to target
  • Understand the needs and behaviours of your most valuable customers and gain insights that drive highly engaging conversations;
  • Know how your target audiences interact with the internet — how they search and browse for shopping, banking, entertainment and more;
  • Gain detailed insights on the behaviour of your target audiences and engage with the right customers at the right time and in the right place;
  • Keep and grow relationships by generating more engaging content and interactions with an attractive and qualified target audience.

Find out how Experian AudienceView brings you online insight and competitive advantage today.

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