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Custom Research

Digital has grown into one of the most important routes to market. Understanding how you are performing in the channel is critical if you are to optimise engagement and maximise sales. Our Hitwise digital consultants help you to discover rich detailand analysis to your specific competitive environment with Digital Analytics.

Highly specialised digital analysts from Hitwise answer the fundamental questions — to inform decision making for online marketing strategies and campaign planning:

  • Who are my most valuable customers?
  • Where do I find more of my most valuable customers?
  • Which channels are most effective for my competitors?
  • How do I understand the longitudinal view of how consumers land on my website?
  • What was the effect of a specific product launch in relation to my competitor’s?

Digital Insight in Breadth and Depth

Digital Analytics delivers tailored, multi-layered understanding — for digital insight in breadth and depth:

  • Market Overview: Gain a top level understanding of how your websites, campaigns and products perform in relation to the competition.
  • Strategic Focus: Drawing on an unrivalled depth of data, this focused analysis can look at a particular detail of your market, e.g. to discover the best partnerships and affiliations, to inform your SEO and pay per click (PPC) strategies, optimise cross-channel campaigns, or to deep dive into product analysis and factors such as seasonal variation.
  • Digital Personas: Enrich your data with Experian data assets like Mosaic or segment bespoke audiences based on their online behaviour - to uncover the individuals behind the traffic. Based on these user insights, identify your best customers, develop strategies how to retain them and attract even more of them.
  • Customer Journey: Take digital insights to the next level to discover your customers before they find your products and services. By understanding the path to purchase and factors that influence conversion, you can turn browsers into buyers.

Discover how Hitwise's Custom Research can transform your online marketing insight >>

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