Email Marketing

Email has evolved into a precision marketing tool that reaches the right people at the right time with highly targeted and relevant messaging. But today, customers don’t think in terms of a channel or channels — it’s just life. They move seamless across media, which means your email marketing campaigns need to do the same.

Experian Marketing Services live and breathe email, sending billions a year. We meet all your marketing needs, from small, local email campaigns to sophisticated engagement across channels to millions around the world.

Email Solutions in a Cross-Channel World

Using solutions such as Experian’s Cross-Channel Marketing Platform (CCMP), you can understand your customers across all channels. Building on your email database we can bring you a rich and detailed picture of the individuals behind the addresses. It means your email can do so much more, including:

  • SMS: strengthen email messaging with SMS contacts, driving traffic to websites and use geo-location technologies to encourage footfall to the high street.
  • Social: integrate email with social media for targeted campaigns that extend reach — and reconnect with ‘lost’ email customers by finding and re-engaging through Facebook.
  • Display: approach email customers with highly relevant offers once they’ve clicked through on a web display ad.
  • Deliverability: our validation solutions, deep expertise and strong relationships with ISPs ensure that your emails always hit the target and hit inboxes when customers are most likely to open them.
  • Target: deploy the right campaign to the right customer by, for example, understanding what they’re looking for online and analysing recent purchase history.
  • Maximised Opportunities: use opportunities such as welcome, order confirmation and abandoned basket emails to drive cross and up selling.
  • Mobile Optimised: optimise email for mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets — with eye-catching design that renders beautifully on any device.

Not only can Experian Marketing Services help you to deploy email communications, we can also help you understand how your customers engage across the channel with other brands.

Contact us today to see what Experian Marketing Services’ total email solutions can do for your marketing strategies.

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