Blackpool Council selects Experian Payments
Gateway to effectively handle and manipulate
multiple files from their various computer systems

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Blackpool Council is a local unitary authority located in the North West of England on the Fylde Coast.

It currently serves a population of 142,000 and employs over 8500 staff in a variety of roles. As part of its contract with Experian, Blackpool Council has implemented a sophisticated and scaleable payments solution designed to satisfy its mission-critical reliance on payments.


To effectively handle and manipulate multiple files from the various computer systems in use by Blackpool Council. These files contain payments data from the many thousand of individuals that the Council serves. It is vitally important that this vast amount of data can be submitted to Bacstel-IP with minimal intervention from the Council's control staff.  This will maintain an effective working practice and strengthen the confidence that constituents have with the Council.


After extensive investigation into the available solutions on the market, Blackpool Council found that Experian Payments UK Gateway was the most appropriate choice in terms of functionality, ease of use and product stability. Experian Payments UK Gateway was integrated easily with the Council's payment applications within two days, with minimal disruption to business during the switch over.


Blackpool Council has found that the time taken for the large amounts of payment data to be processed has reduced significantly. This has increased efficiency, improved the Council's ability to effectively meet tight deadlines and reduced the amount of time Council workers are needed to dedicate to these tasks. This has allowed the Council to free up newly released resources to other areas of business.

"I find that on a daily basis, the Experian customer service team are an excellent team to work with. Their support team is very friendly and they were able to find a solution to our problems very quickly, which is essential for us as we have very tight deadlines".

Donna Billsborrow
Systems Development & Control Officer
Blackpool Council


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