Borough of Poole selects Bank Wizard to provide immediate validation of bank details for ad-hoc queries and enquiries

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The Borough of Poole provides many services, from education to transportation. The Revenue and Benefits Services unit is responsible for collecting and processing Council Tax, as well as administering business rates and council rents.

Over 33,000 residents opt to pay their Council Tax by Direct Debit. This method is extremely popular as it ensures that payments are not forgotten and saves staff the task of processing reminder letters to customers.

The Borough of Poole purchased Bank Wizard through their main application provider, Academy Information Systems. Bank Wizard is embedded within Academy's CTax Windows and NDR Windows and provides online validation of data at the point of entry. In addition, a stand-alone version of Bank Wizard is used to provide immediate validation of bank details for ad-hoc queries and enquiries.

Following implementation, the Borough of Poole became an AUDDIS Originator in only 16 weeks. They also achieved the lowest ever recorded error rate for an AUDDIS migration - achieving a highly acclaimed zero errors! As a result, The Borough of Poole is now in a position to consider Paperless Direct Debit. This method will enable customers to sign up for Direct Debit over the telephone or through the Borough of Poole's Website.

"Bank Wizard is now an integral part of our Direct Debit process and was the main factor in our successful migration to becoming an AUDDIS originator. On a day to day basis, it gives us confidence knowing that when we submit information to Bacs it is correct."

Council Tax & Rating Manager
Revenue & Benefits Services
Borough of Poole

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