Colchester Borough Council selects Bank Wizard for Card Payments to provide accurate validation of Credit and Debit card details

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Colchester Borough Council pride themselves on being able to effectively use technology to improve their services to the community of Colchester.

In June 1997, the Revenue Services Division, responsible for collecting Council Tax payments, purchased Bank Wizard from Experian to provide complete validation of bank account details for Direct Debit instructions. In the past, the non-validation of bank account details created problems for staff, resulting in increased administration and having a negative impact on customer service.
As a result of selecting Bank Wizard, the Revenue Services Division saw a significant improvement in the service they are able to offer to residents. On the strength of this success, Colchester Borough Council agreed to evaluate a new product developed by Experian called Bank Wizard for Card Payments.

Historically, payments received by Credit and Debit cards created problems for staff, as no system existed to check the validity of the card details given. Moreover, different card schemes and issuers required different details to be captured and in many instances, residents would confirm incorrect card details.

Colchester Borough Council has now implemented Bank Wizard for Card Payments and it is currently being used in the Revenue Services Division to validate Credit and Debit Card details.

"We selected Bank Wizard for Card Payments because of our confidence in the abilities of Experian, in providing comprehensive validation applications. As a result of implementing Bank Wizard for Card Payments, we are assured that Credit and Debit Card details have been accurately validated, resulting in reduced administration and improved customer service".

IT Development and Control Manager
Colchester Borough Council

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