Dollond & Aitchison improves the customer experience for setting up Direct Debits in store with Bank Wizard

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Dollond & Aitchison is the largest chain of opticians in Europe with over 430 retail stores in the UK.

Dollond and AitchisonWith over 250 years experience, Dollond & Aitchison prides itself on its high quality and service.
Issues with incorrect bank account details.

Key to Dollond & Aitchison's success is its on-going focus on improving all aspects of customer care. This extends from the quality of eye care right through to the payment process. Customers of Dollond & Aitchison's monthly contact lens schemes have been able to pay by Direct Debit since 1992. However, like most large originators of Direct Debits, Dollond & Aitchison experienced problems associated with incorrect bank account details. Such errors were resulting in both rejected payments and a significant amount of administration time being spent correcting details.

Implementing Bank Wizard

Dollond & Aitchison have implemented Bank Wizard in two areas of their business:

  • Running on an IBM AS/400 at their head-office, for validating details which are sent via the mail.
  • Running on UNIX systems in every store, for validating bank details on-line with the customer present.

In both areas, Bank Wizard has been embedded within Dollond & Aitchison's in-house applications.


"We chose Bank Wizard because it was the only product which was specifically developed for accurately checking bank details and could be easily linked into our own systems. Experian provided all the help we needed in linking Bank Wizard to our own systems. Since its implementation, we have virtually eliminated the problems associated with processing incorrect bank details. I would have no hesitation in recommending Bank Wizard to any organisation processing large volumes of Direct Debits."

Mrs Shelagh Osey
Financial Services Manager
Dollond & Aitchison Limited


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