Greenpeace selects Bank Wizard to assist in
the migration to paperless Direct Debit

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Greenpeace is a global organisation with over 2 million supporters in over 150 countries. The UK operation has over 170,000 supporters and an annual turnover of over £8 million.

Greenpeace is an independent campaigning organisation, working to halt environmental abuse and promote environmental solutions.

As part of their strategy to improve customer services and increase financial support, Greenpeace decided to introduce Paperless Direct Debit as a more efficient method of collecting contributions.

Historically, if a supporter showed an interest in contributing by Direct Debit, a paper Direct Debit form was posted for completion and return. However, Greenpeace found that forms were not being returned and as a result, unnecessary administration costs were incurred and potential supporters lost.

Greenpeace contacted Experian for further advice on the procedure of migration to the Bacs AUDDIS system. Experian recommended Bank Wizard as a complete validation application and tests were performed on the quality of Greenpeace's legacy data, highlighting errors prior to migration to AUDDIS.

By selecting both Bank Wizard and Paperless Direct Debit, Greenpeace has achieved significant savings in administration and improved customer relations. On the strength of this success, Greenpeace has set up a Direct Debit facility over the internet from their website, further enhancing their customer service as well as increasing contributions.

"Greenpeace believes Paperless Direct Debit offers real opportunities for our fundraising mix and is a great way to cut down the need for "form-filling" on the part of supporters. Naturally we couldn't contemplate a programme like this without a solid infrastructure behind it. We believe Bank Wizard meets this requirement."

Database Manager
Greenpeace UK

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