Hartwell Finance selects Bank Wizard to reduce costs assocuated with rejected Direct Debits

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Hartwell Finance Limited is part of Hartwell plc, a leading car retailer responsible for over 55 new and used vehicle dealerships throughout the UK.

Hartwell Finance was created to provide simple and manageable payment solutions to customers purchasing vehicles. Established in 1995, the company currently has over 12,000 customers paying for their vehicles through one of their finance schemes. Since 99% of customers manage their finance through Direct Debit, Hartwell Finance must ensure that problems associated with the initial set up are eliminated to guarantee customer satisfaction.

Historically, one of the main problems faced by Hartwell Finance concerned the checking of bank account numbers to ascertain their suitability for Direct Debit. The cost implication of rejected Direct Debits was significant due to increased administration and the negative impact on cash-flow. Moreover, such problems affected customer service as unnecessary queries had to be raised with the customer.

Hartwell Finance contacted Experian and initially implemented the Direct User Interface version of Bank Wizard which provided an immediate solution to validation problems. Bank Wizard has now been embedded within their core PC based application linked to an accounting package called CAAP. This solution enables Hartwell Finance staff to quickly validate bank details whilst the customer is either on the telephone or with them in the dealership.

As a result, Hartwell Finance has seen a significant improvement in their efficiency in setting up Direct Debit payments. Following this success, Hartwell Finance is now looking at other ways of implementing Bank Wizard to further increase customer fulfilment.

“Bank Wizard effectively increases our administration efficiency which saves us time and money. Customer satisfaction has also improved, as the need to contact customers to check bank details has been virtually eliminated.”

Credit and Administration Manager
Hartwell Finance

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