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Aviva"We found Experian very professional, well informed and approachable throughout the selection and implementation processes. The organisation's consultants came on site and worked through our new end to end processes."



Blackpool Council"Experian's' support team is very friendly and they were able to find a solution to our problems very quickly, which is essential for us as we have very tight deadlines".



Honda UK"With Experian Payments UK Gateway we've moved our Bacs processing into the 21st century."



ING Lease UK"The implementation and subsequent support of Experian has been to a high standard and we are very pleased with our choice of product and supplier. The service is very stable and our relationship with Experian is very good."



Northumbrian Water"Had we not gone with Experian Payments Gateway we would have managed the upgrade but gained no business process improvements. We now have a universal model across the organisation with common rules and definitions."



ScottishPower"We see Experian as a key partner of ScottishPower and hope to have the same long lasting relationship that we had with our Bacstel solution provider."



Simplyhealth"The previous software we were using from another supplier did not meet our expectations. After looking into what Experian Payments UK Gateway could provide, we were confident in both the capabilities of the solution and the standard of support."



Standard Life"Having tried and failed to find a payments solution for several months, we needed Experian to deliver what they promised. They did not disappoint, impressing us at every stage of the project with their knowledge and approach."



Volkswagen Financial Services"When Volkswagen Financial Services wanted to identify and reduce Direct Debit rejections, they looked for an automated solution that could help them produce accurate and timely reporting information." You can also view our video case study HERE >>



A video case study with Iain Allison, Vice President of Business Development at Xoom Corporation. Iain talks about Experian Payments Gateway and the benefits Xoom have seen following the implementation of this solution.

Basingstoke and Dean Borough Council"Since implementation, Bank Wizard has reduced administration costs and payment processing times and dramatically improved the efficiency of our payments function."



Blackpool Coucil"Implementing Bank Wizard for our direct debit payments has resulted in a substantial decrease in the number of returned payments".



Borough of Poole"Bank Wizard is now an integral part of our Direct Debit process and was the main factor in our successful migration to becoming an AUDDIS originator."





BT"The software has performed exactly as required, filtering out erroneous entries at source and enabling the user to correct them instantly - the obvious benefit of on-line validation at the point of entry."



Colchester Borough Council"We selected Bank Wizard for Card Payments because of our confidence in the abilities of Experian in providing comprehensive validation applications."





Coventry Building Society"Bank Wizard for Bill Payments has enabled us to move forward confidently in the development of new online services, meaning we can address our market more competitively. It also enables us to continue to expand beyond our geographic boundaries."



Dollond and Aitchison"Since implementing Bank Wizard we have virtually eliminated the problems associated with processing incorrect bank details. I would have no hesitation in recommending Bank Wizard to any organisation processing large volumes of Direct Debits."



GlobalCollect"Without doubt, Bank Wizard has enabled GlobalCollect to enhance the service we provide to customers who accept European direct debit payments."



Greenpeace"Greenpeace believes Paperless Direct Debit is a great way to cut down the need for "form-filling". Naturally we couldn't contemplate a programme like this without a solid infrastructure behind it. We believe Bank Wizard meets this requirement."



Hartwell Finance"Bank Wizard effectively increases our administration efficiency which saves us time and money. Customer satisfaction has also improved, as the need to contact customers to check bank details has been virtually eliminated."



MF Global"Our Experian contacts are, without exception, highly proactive, offering effective support and advice at every stage, from inception right through to training"



Nationwide Building Society"Incorporating Bank Wizard for Bill Payments into our systems has resulted in a reduction in the delays and costs of handling errors."



NSPCC"Bank Wizard enabled us to implement Paperless Direct Debit and as a result, supporters are able to make donations either on the telephone or via our website."



RNIB"Bank Wizard allows bank account details to be quickly entered into our database and validated prior to being used to produce personalised letters to the customer. This has saved us considerable time and money."



Siemens Financial Service"The main reason for selecting Bank Wizard was our decision to migrate our Direct Debit Instructions over to AUDDIS. Bank Wizard provided bulk validation on all of our existing data, simplifying the successful migration to AUDDIS."



Ski Club of Great Britain"We purchased Bank Wizard as it could be easily integrated into our bespoke database and website."






The Carphone Warehouse"This has enabled our sales staff to rectify numerous problems in-store in a way that is much more customer friendly and more cost effective compared with post sales customer support."



"Bank Wizard has enabled uSwitch to provide a better service to customers and supply partners, since it ensures that customer Direct Debit details are accurate and valid."

ING DirectA video case study with Martin Rutland, Head of Corporate Communications at ING Direct. Martin talks about Bank Wizard Absolute and the benefits ING have seen following implementation.



A video case study with Iain Allison, Vice President of Business Development at Xoom Corporation. Iain talks about Bank Wizard Absolute and the benefits Xoom have seen following the implementation of this solution.

NVBA video case study with Gijs Boudewijn, Head of Payment Systems and Security at Nederlandse Vereniging van Banken (the Dutch Banking Association). Gijs talks about how Dutch banks, corporates and citizens are benefiting from the IBAN conversion service it has implemented in the Netherlands with the help of Experian.


SVB"The Data Conversion Service was fast, efficient and flexible to our requirements and I would have no hesitation in recommending them."

Civica"Since implementation, Bank Wizard has reduced administration costs and payment processing times and dramatically improved the efficiency of our payments function."

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