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ScottishPower is an international energy business listed on both the London and New York Stock Exchanges.

As a leading supplier of energy, ScottishPower provides around 6 million electricity or gas services to homes and businesses across the UK and in the western US. With a UK base in Glasgow, ScottishPower employs over 14,000 people across the two countries.

Software selection

As a large volume submitter to Bacs, ScottishPower collects or pays approximately 20 million Direct Debit & Direct Credit Bacs transactions each year.

ScottishPower had been successfully sending payment files via the Bacstel channel for over 17 years, but the mandated migration to Bacstel-IP gave ScottishPower an opportunity to explore both the business and technical benefits that could be derived from the new payment channel.

Following the announcement of the upgrade to Bacstel-IP, ScottishPower attended workshops, both internal and external, not only to better understand the technical implications, but also to explore the potential business benefits of Bacstel-IP.

Early in their migration project, ScottishPower identified stakeholders in order to establish the expectations of the project and detail the requirements. Once defined, a shortlist of solution providers were then invited to present to both the project stakeholders and the key decision makers within ScottishPower.

Adam Quail, IT project manager at ScottishPower explains why Experian Payments Gateway met their specific and high-level requirements:

ScottishPower realised it needed a much faster, reliable and secure platform to transmit files for it's many customers, suppliers and staff.

Experian Payments Gateway's extensive reporting facilities provided us with the ability to customise our reporting. This assists with the automatic update and distribution of our ADDACS information to our various billing applications.

Bacstel-IP offers improved security through PKI (Public Key Infrastructure) and the latest cryptographic security methods. Experian Payments Gateway offers the highest levels of security, supporting the use of Hardware Security Modules (HSMs) for authentication.

Experian Payments Gateway is a scaleable, enterprise Bacstel-IP solution. We have absolute confidence that the ScottishPower Group will be able to handle the growth of its customer base, without compromising existing customers with Experian Payments Gateway.

Successful migration

The success of ScottishPower's migration to Bacstel-IP project was due to a number of factors. Effective project management within Scottish Power ensured that all parties involved were working towards the same goal, as Adam Quail commented: "With at least 19 different parties involved, each with their own agenda and demands, it was important that all of their energy was channeled into making the project a success. Shaping the project at the outset, combined with a structured, collaborative working relationship with Experian meant that risks to the project were mitigated early. Having done the groundwork, ScottishPower was determined to succeed and has succeeded."

The future

Experian Payments Gateway is now in place and running smoothly well in advance of the December 2005 deadline. This has enabled ScottishPower to concentrate on progressing the more strategic aspects of Bacstel-IP, as Adam explains: "We see Experian as a key partner of ScottishPower and hope to have the same long lasting relationship that we had with our Bacstel solution provider. We have found the after-sales service and support to be very effective and have formed a good working relationship with the Experian's Support team.

ScottishPower has a responsibility to its customers, suppliers and employees to ensure that payments are both received and sent in a timely and efficient manner. Experian Payments Gateway is both robust and highly scalable and will enable us to maintain our high level of customer service, both now and into the future."

Adam Quail
IT Project Manager


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