Experian Payments Gateway MI Module chosen by
Volkswagen Financial Services to automate access
to payments information and produce timely
management reports

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When Volkswagen Financial Services wanted to identify and reduce Direct Debit rejections, they looked for an automated solution that could help them produce accurate and timely reporting information.

'We were very dependent on manual processes to import our payments reporting data into our Direct Debit Instruction application. This had a major impact on our Customer Services team who could not link payments reports with information held in our Contract Management System. As a result we were unable to get a true picture of our DD rejections or act quickly to rectify them.

What we needed was automated access to historic payments information and the ability to produce timely management reports from this. The Management Information module for Experian Payments Gateway provided the ideal solution.

Although we have only just implemented the MI module, it is already making life much easier for us. One of the key benefits is that we now have clean, accurate reporting data in a central database. From this we can generate automated daily reports that tell us where and why we are getting Direct Debit rejections. By identifying and correcting these rejections quickly, we'll be able to speed up the customer acquisition process and increase revenues.  This will be very important for our business going forward.'

David Hawkins
Manager Application Operations
Volkswagen Financial Services


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