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The importance of electronic payments to drive service and efficiency is crucial to transformational governments.

Increasing efficiencies through electronic payments

The 'Transformational Government Strategy' is encouraging the government to remove paper from their processes and proactively adopt automated electronic payment mechanisms; driving efficiency, reducing costs and fraud, increasing cash flow and improving service to the citizen.

Collections such as rents, tax and licences are increasingly being made via Direct Debit and not by cash or cheque. Similarly, credits such as welfare benefits, payroll and supplier payments, are being made via Direct Credit and Faster Payments in order to move away from cheques and CHAPS.

Reducing error and fraud in government electronic payments

A report by the Commons public accounts committee revealed that £2.7bn of taxpayers' money was lost in 2007 due to benefit fraud (£800m) and error (£1.9bn)*. A considerable proportion of this loss is due to fraud and error in electronic payments, with inaccurate or fraudulent credits and debits resulting in:

  • significant cost of repair/rework (estimated by Bacs to be between £10 and £50 per error)
  • lost treasury funds through uncollected debits or fraudulent benefit claims
  • a substantial reduction in service including the potentially catastrophic non-delivery of benefits
  • adverse press coverage on the performance and effectiveness of government

Experian solutions

Used in the delivery and receipt of electronic payments, Experian solutions:

  • improve STP rates by up-to 2.5% reducing error rates and payment repair costs
  • reduce the occurrence of fraud through tighter controls on application processing and payment identity management
  • reduce costs on the transmission of payments through both UK and overseas electronic clearing systems, increasing reliability and security

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