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In the increasingly competitive Telcoms industry, addressing customer churn and driving profitability continues to be a priority.

Improving profitability through accurate payment details

Through heavy investment in product development and marketing spend, Telecoms providers drive customers into stores and online. In order to complete the customer acquisition process however, it is critical that applicant payment details are accurate and can be processed. Rejected payments may cause drop-off in the acquisition process and will negatively impact profitability.

Reducing fraud through accurate payment details

Mobile: Mobile handset fraud can impact as much as 4% of new contracts as organised gangs constructively steal expensive handsets. Being able to identify the ownership of payment details at point of application represents a significant opportunity to drive out fraud and the associated costs, improving conversion rates on customer applications.

Broadband and Fixed Line: By providing checks on both the accuracy and authenticity of Direct Debit details, customer error and fraud is significantly reduced, increasing the profitability of your business.

Through market leading validation on Direct Debits, Faster Payments and Direct Credit (UK and international cross border), Experian can significantly improve Straight-Through- Processing rates, directly impacting your customer service, reliability and security while helping to minimise fraud.

Electronic payment transmission for telecoms

Consolidation of telecoms companies (i.e. mobile, media, fixed line and broadband) often mean the acquisition of resource-heavy back-office processes with multiple channels for billing, refunds, supplier payments and treasury being operated. This drives a high cost of ownership and increases business risk in a highly visible part of the business (money in and money out). In addition, systems failure, internal fraud and failure to process and collect is common throughout the sector.

Experian have completed the consolidation of enterprise payments channels in the largest Telecoms providers delivering significant cost savings, improved service and lower risk of fraud and catastrophic events (i.e. failure to collect).

Experian solutions

Used for the delivery and receipt of electronic payments, Experian solutions:

  • Improve STP rates by up-to 2.5% delivering higher sales conversion
  • Reduce handset theft and payment fraud
  • Consolidate multiple costly and ‘open to risk' back-end payments processes onto an enterprise platform

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