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Paperless Direct Debit (PDD) simplifies the collections process by allowing you to sign-up customers for Direct Debit over the telephone, Internet, telephone keypad, face-to-face or via interactive TV.

Paperless Direct Debit can help you:

  • save time by eliminating paperwork from your sign-up process and allowing you to begin making collections earlier
  • save costs by reducing postage costs and minimising delays in payments
  • increase sales conversions by enabling you to sign-up Direct Debit customers at point of sale
  • improve customer service and customer acquisition rates by eliminating the need for your customer to complete forms

Organisations wishing to use the Paperless Direct Debit service:

  • must be compliant with AUDDIS (Automated Direct Debit Instruction Service)
  • are responsible for verifying their customers' identity

How we can help you take advantage of Paperless Direct Debit

Click here to view the Bank Wizard Absolute product demoBank Wizard Absolute sets a new standard for UK bank account validation by making the connection between an individual and their bank account details up-front. This enables you to significantly improve efficiency and profitability by virtually eliminating transaction failures and minimising payment fraud. This ensures compliance with Bacs guidelines for both AUDDIS and Paperless Direct Debit.



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