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Welcome to our ongoing series of SEPA podcasts from payments industry experts and thought leaders

To listen to our latest podcast records please click on the links in the play list to the right. Information on each episode can be found be below:

Winning with SEPA – Episode 1: Who does SEPA affect?

  • With SEPA end dates fast approaching this podcast focusses on:
  • Which companies and organisations are affected
  • What  geographies SEPA applies to
  • What kind of payments are covered by SEPA
  • What kinds of exemptions are possible

Listen to episode one of our SEPA podcast.

SEPA podcast - episode 1

Winning with SEPA - Episode 2: Is everyone ready for SEPA?

With SEPA end dates fast approaching this podcast looks into the progress made towards SEPA migration focussing on:

  • The levels of adoption we’re currently seeing
  • How prepared payment service providers are for SEPA
  • How prepared businesses and other organisations are

Listen to episode two of our SEPA podcast.

SEPA podcast - episode 2

Winning with SEPA – Episode 3: What are the impediments to migration to SEPA?

Now we’re on the final run up to the SEPA end dates this podcast looks into the potential issues organisations might be facing on their route to SEPA compliance:

  • How complicated migration to SEPA is
  • The main stumbling blocks those migrating to SEPA have encountered including technology, data and resourcing
  • How long a SEPA migration takes

Listen to episode three of our SEPA podcast.

SEPA podcast - episode 3

Winning with SEPA – episode 4: Frequently asked questions about SEPA and data

Following on from our webinar, held in conjunction with GT News, this podcast answers the questions we received about data:

  • The types of data affected
  • How the correct data can be obtained
  • How data can be maintained

Listen to episode four of our SEPA podcast.

SEPA podcast - episode 4

Winning with SEPA – episode 5: Frequently asked questions about interpreting the SEPA rules

Despite the closeness of SEPA end dates, there is still misunderstanding of what the rules are and how they may be interpreted. This podcast answers the questions raised at a recent webinar including:

  • How the SEPA rules were devised and how they are to be implemented
  • The variation in the interpretation of the SEPA rules
  • The possible penalties and implications of non-compliance

Listen to episode five of our SEPA podcast.

SEPA podcast - episode 5

Winning with SEPA – episode 6: Frequently asked questions about the scope of SEPA

At our recent podcast with GT News we were asked many questions looking to clarify the scope of SEPA this podcast covers:

  • The currencies and geographical areas affected by SEPA
  • The variations in scope for different countires
  • The types of payments affected by SEPA
  • How SEPA affects cross-border and domestic payments

Listen to episode six of our SEPA podcast.

SEPA podcast - episode 6

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