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Services for healthcare providers

Experian works with healthcare providers to provide a single, definitive and consistent view of the individuals across the UK. This helps providers to identify which services patients will need now and in the future to drive efficiencies, while safeguarding patients best interests and meet regulatory requirements.

Through insight, providers can effectively engage with individuals to attract new patients, and understand which services patients may be willing to pay for privately



Safeguard and meet regulatory requirements

Experian holds detailed demographic, socio-economic and behavioural charachteristics of each adult in the UK.  Helping you to recruit and monitor staff and meet monitor's requirements.

Deliver targeted patient engagement through insight

Our market leading services can help you to create a single patient view, undersrand individuals changing behaviour, interpret online behavior and deliver multi-channel targeted messages.

Increase revenue through targeted business development and marketing

In order to increase income, providers need to attract more patients and offer additional services.  We can help you identify potential new patients, offer the right mix of services and deliver targeted marketing.

Deliver efficiency savings through insight

Maximise efficiencies by measuring risk and collecting timely payments.  We can help by assessing eligibility, tackling ‘Did not attend’ (DNAs), debt collection strategy, procurement insights, tracing and validating payments.

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