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With little or no credit history, millions of rental tenants have been excluded from mainstream financial services and affordable credit, or paid a premium for access. The Rental Exchange, which provides a route for rental payments to be incorporated into credit reports, is an important development to change this.

By treating mortgage and rental payments equally, we can provide renters with greater access to mainstream finance – from bank accounts and credit cards to mobile phone contracts and utility services. Our analysis shows it would give 93 per cent of social housing tenants a credit ratings boost and provides evidence that most people are responsible consumers, even if they have been off the credit radar.

Rental Exchange – informing responsible lending and affordability decisions

When available to lenders, this data will also provide a significant boost to responsible lending capability. With a truer picture of existing commitments, creditors can better understand levels of indebtedness and affordability. Where people are suffering financial stress, lenders and landlords will be better informed to engage appropriately and sensitively and take steps to help avoid a debt spiral if required.

Working Together

We are working with Big Issue Invest and over 200 social housing providers (representing over 1.5 million tenants) who records we are currently using to populate the Rental Exchange, with many more in the pipeline.  A number of social landlords have already reached the stage of communicating their intentions to residents. Our CreditExpert service is also being adapted so that consumers can immediately see the impact of rental data on their credit report and score online (a key consideration in using this new data compliantly).

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