What Is The Rental Exchange?

The Rental Exchange is a way for tenants’ rent payments to be counted towards their credit score in a similar way to mortgage payments are for homeowners. The aim is to help tenants with the challenges they face in everyday life, such as getting a better tariff for a bill, attaining affordable credit when they need a loan, or proving their identity.

Millions of social housing tenants in the UK face financial, digital and social exclusion. One major cause of this is an information gap in their credit history, which can exclude low-income people from affordable credit, as they are more likely to be declined or pay a higher price for credit and other basic goods and services.

In addition to helping individual’s build up their credit score, the Rental Exchange will help landlords and housing providers identify tenants who are committed to paying their rent payments on time. By identifying these customers, it can give you the chance to enter into long-term relationships and create transparency between you and your tenants.

Currently, we are working with Big Issue Invest as well as over 200 other social housing providers to populate the Rental Exchange with data regarding tenants’ payment histories. With data from 1.2 million tenants from a host of social housing providers, we have a bank of data that is ever expanding.

How do I get involved?

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Tenancy Impact Planning

The Rental Exchange was primarily designed to give renters a fairer deal by helping them build up their credit file. But beyond this, Rental Exchange membership can unlock access to data to help you better understand your tenants’ financial circumstances. Knowledge is power and as Government policy places more pressure on the social housing sector, and with government reforms stretching your limited resources ever further, finding out more about your tenants’ individual circumstances efficiently could be the only way to allocate homes fairly and remain sustainable. Allowing you to prioritise the right people to help, understand – and therefore manage – the impact of policy changes.

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Working in partnership with

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