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Welcome to our public pages.   A summary of the role of Experian's Compliance department is provided below.  Further information, including subject areas in which Experian is actively involved in terms of lobbying, consultations or policy-making, links to Experian documents that are available for public distribution and links to external Web sites that have particular relevance to Experian's activities is included in the panel to the right.

What we do

The role of Compliance within Experian is to ensure the business meets regulatory and best practice obligations.

The Compliance Team is committed to ensuring that the department is a centre of excellence; developing robust, professional, reliable and effective policies and processes, which underpin and fully support the business in meeting its regulatory and best practice obligations.

One of the aims of the department is to be a centre of excellence and recognised by the business as an enabler, by building stakeholders’ confidence in the department’s knowledge and expertise and managing workloads whilst maintaining high standards of internal and external stakeholder service.

The department closely observes the regulatory environment which Experian and its clients operate within and ensures that when any changes to legislation occur, the business is briefed and fully understands the impact of any change and their obligations.


Please note that the information contained on this Web page is provided for general guidance only. It is not intended to provide you with professional advice nor is it intended to substitute you obtaining professional advice.

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