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The Heart of Experian Charity Fund was set up to help small groups and organisations who need our support in tough financial times. We admire these smaller groups for their passion and determination to make a difference and by providing some investment, we hope to make a difference to them. All the fundraising we do in house supports the Heart of Experian Charity Fund. Every quarter a committee meets to look at the applications we've received from local organisations close to any of our UK offices.

The fundraising takes place throughout the year and people are able to donate in restaurants and via payroll giving to our chosen charity. There are also four separate campaign weeks during the year designated to raising cash for the charity. People will be encouraged to work in their teams and divisions, with clients and suppliers, to show their support to a worthwhile cause chosen by our people.

To demonstrate its commitment, Experian has allocated a budget to help support people in their fund-raising events.

In addition to our charity of the year, Experian people will still be able to raise money for the charity of their choice via fundraising in their team or division, payroll giving and by receiving employee match funding when taking part in a sponsored event. Experian also supports National fundraising days such as Comic Relief and Children in Need.

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