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e-Consumerview - Credit Information about consumers

When you want to make consistent, reliable underwriting decisions about consumers, you need good quality data in insight to help you.  Experian e-consumerview is an online tool built to provide authorised consumer credit lenders with access to consumer credit information. This ensures you see the full credit picture of a consumer that you may be about to lend or give credit to.


Key benefits of e-consumerview

• Get real-time consumer credit information, enabling you to make sound underwriting decisions based on the most accurate information available on UK consumers

• Improves customer service by allowing you to make lending decisions quickly and confidently

• Customisable warning flags ensure that important details are not overlooked

• Provides quick access to customer telephone numbers, allowing instant and direct client contact where necessary, to aid decision making and help in collection and investigation cases

• Interprets an individual’s overall level of indebtedness to help you make better lending decisions

• Gives peace of mind by using proven technology to ensure your credit risk exposure is dramatically reduced without compromising customer service.


  • Telephone numbers - Experian has access to the telephone number file. Experian can search the database for the main applicant at the current address and return a telephone number. Ex-directory telephone numbers will not be returned.
  • Risk scores - Experian distils the data held on its credit databases into simple and easy to use risk scores. They are designed to predict the likelihood that a new applicant for credit will become a ‘good’ payer if accepted.  Non-CAIS members can also request a risk score, however, this will be based on public information only.
  • The Consumer Indebtedness Index (CII) - The CII automatically measures the level of indebtedness of consumers by using existing credit bureau data, but without relying on detailed knowledge of their monthly disposable income. It identifies individuals that are currently showing no obvious signs of repayment difficulties, but who are already highly committed and, as a result, carry a high probability of experiencing payment difficulties in the near future.  The CII is only available to full CAIS members and cannot currently be used for the pre-screening of new prospects.


  • Credit Application Previous Search (CAPS) file - CAPS is the UK’s largest file of credit reference enquiries relating to applications for credit made by individuals.

It helps to identify frequent users of credit and those customers who may be over-committed. Every credit application search made on Experian’s consumer database is held on the CAPS file for 12 months.

  • Publicly available information - The Electoral Roll provides a list of every person in the UK who is registered to vote in either UK or European elections. It contains full forenames and surnames for those currently and previously registered at an address.  The Postal Address File (PAF) contains all known addresses, including postcodes, for all properties in the UK.  The Public Information File uses information from Registry Trust Ltd, Official Gazettes and the Insolvency Service. It currently contains 4.7 million County Court Judgments (CCJs), decrees in Scotland, UK  bankruptcies, administration orders and voluntary arrangements.
  • Aliases and associations - Experian has created a database containing details of over 127 million financial aliases and associations. Experian obtains the information from CAIS (see below), from organisations making an enquiry and from consumers themselves.  Information from the following sources is only available to econsumerview users who contribute to the respective databases.
  • Credit Account Information Sharing (CAIS) file - Established in 1983, the CAIS file holds information on over 405 million credit accounts. CAIS files are held on the vast majority of the UK’s active credit population and information is provided by virtually every major lending organisation in the UK.

CAIS data contributes to:

  • Understanding existing financial commitments
  • Understanding pay-back performance on credit
  • Identifying adverse credit history and financial over-commitment
  • Undertaking appropriate authorisation, limit management and recovery decisions
  • Controlling fraud and bad debt
  • Verifying name and address details

CIFAS – The UK’s Fraud Prevention Service

CIFAS allows member organisations to exchange details of applications for products or services, which are fraudulent.

Gone Away Information Network (GAIN)

GAIN is an information exchange network, which stores up-to-the minute information about consumers who have moved without leaving a forwarding address.

The Council of Mortgage Lenders (CML) Possessions Register

The CML Possessions Register lists individuals who have had their property taken into possession. 10 per cent of these are voluntary possessions – with no court proceedings or CCJs being recorded.

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